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Dry Cabinet Help or DIY cannatrol dry box

Hey guys n gals and frens and fam, so I thought I would try my hand at a DIY version of the cannatrol (I think is the name) dry cabinet.  So tired of trying to shut things down to dry in the tent.   I have already started the project and have been having some issues that I want to fix and maybe some advice on how to get it dialed in and working correctly.  My box is 2’8” wide 4′ tall and 2′ deep made of wood and lined with plastic.. It is pretty well airtight at the moment.

So far I have as follows.  Inkbird humidity and temp controller 608t I believe, I have a temp controller, and another humidity controller and will get another temp if I need it.   I have the humidity controller running a humidifier and 2 really small dehumidifiers.  I have this set on approx 58% with a 2.5% differential as the humidity constantly rises.  Then I run into the issue that even though its outdoors the two small humidifiers can pretty much keep up but when they do the temp is rising.  I have it outdoors so have been using the cold temps up north to help keep it cool but maybe I insulated too well as in this warm spell my temps have gotten high 60s.. I have a mini cooler to set in there to try and put extra cold if I need it but I also got a 4 inch carbon filter and fan to run on it to maybe take advantage of the low humidity outdoors to cycle in… I don’t know what I need to do at this point really.  I assume I need to exchange the air more than a couple times a day.  I have thought maybe I need a big box to use as a lung room?  I don’t know I am kinda at a loss where I need to go from here.  It was suggested to use a pelletier cooling unit which I will get eventually but have already spent a ton on it.

I would love to really make this work well as it would take care of a lot of my issues and worries with the whole drying situation which is where I think I mess up every time.  This last time it smelled good when I took outta the cabinet but when it had been in the bucket a day it seemed to not smell as good more “hay” but not hay smelling than it was when I put it in.

If I need more air exchange I def gotta put the carbon filter in.  As it is I don’t have odor issues but with venting, well ya know.  That will be low humidity air…. Or should I try putting the portable cooler in… or should I buy the pellitier…… or a combination of the three?   I got the idea from a youtube video but it covered none of the issues you would encounter.  I could write more but people tell me I give too much info sometimes and important stuff gets lost. lol


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  1. Fat Gumby Avatar

    I made one you need the cooler and you should never have to vent it. it is meant to be a sealed system but a perfectly controlled environment. The only out hole should be a small water drain. You need the Pelletier cooler to keep the temps down in the box as the other pieces add heat to the box. You also need it to have the heat side outside of the box. I built one by converting a Pelletier driven wine cooler and chopping up a tiny dehumidifier and modding it in.

    1. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

      I have one of those mini coolers that is a 6 can. Ya think that would be enough considering its winter.. It is supposed to get down to 40 in the little thing. Is it basically the same sorta thing or would you buy one of the units from amazon… I tell you dude, the dry is the thing that drives me nuts. I do great every time and ruin it and it seems everything goes good. I dunno its beyond aggravating. Are you happy with yours? The function of it? How large did you make it? Have a post about it? Last time I believe that my monitors were messed up. This time its been issue after issue as well. Course this week the weather is perfect but that never happens when you need it to. I didn’t know that you needed the heat side of the pelletier out.. Conceivably I could take this little cooler that runs on dc I will have to get the specs and vent it out and use that as I guess I thought the pelletier didnt have a hot side which kinda goes against science lmao

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