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Drying and curing without climate control

Hello all,

I would first like to thank everyone who makes the show possible and everyone who contributes to the forum. I have recently moved to Belize. I am growing some local bag seed and am a few weeks from chop. The problem is that I have no drying room, or climate control. I know people were smoking weed before climate control, so does anyone know of how they use to do this back in the day? I planted the bag seed with grow bucket sip container inserts. I used the local “red dirt” and some “black dirt(from the cane fields)”, a bit of aged manure, and I brought some Recharge. I will try to attach some pictures but the Internet here may not cooperate. Thanks in advance to anyone with some useful advice.

P.S. I do not have climate control so please don’t tell me the 60/60 thing. The house is usually in the low 80s with the ac on.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    You get out what you put in. Find the coolest place without too high or low humidity.

  2. JinxCat Avatar

    Thanks J Mystro,
    I am hoping they finish before the rainy season starts in about 4-6 weeks. I guess my wife will have to accept our bedroom becoming a dry room.🤞
    Thanks again DGC!

  3. Christopher Kush Avatar

    A dark closet, maybe a small fan on low, possibly a cheap humidifier. Be creative and think outside the box. A root cellar can work well. a Do-It-Yourself humidifier that Shan1784 posted here. That may be a solution to humidity control. Would love to hear what you come up with and how it turns out.

  4. JinxCat Avatar

    Thanks for the suggestion Christopher. I am in communication with a local who grows. I haven’t seen any of his final product, but he is supposed to bring me some. If it is acceptable I will try his technique. I believe he just hangs them in a shack.

  5. NayHay Avatar

    If you’re drying in a humid environment without an AC (or the AC can’t get the humidity below 60%), use a fan for the start of the dry. You don’t want to keep using fan once it’s fully wilted and drying out, but the first part of the dry you want to happen kind of fast to stop mold from growing. I say this having seen friends pull down large outdoor harvests hang up somewhere cool, and then it molds. There’s a lot of water that needs to leave the plant, just check on it every day. Don’t worry if it’s not ideal, if you’re close it will be fine herb.

  6. JinxCat Avatar

    Thanks NayHay.. I plan on trimming it as far as I can before hanging them up somewhere in the house. It’s a Mennonite house so we don’t have a lot of space. The air conditioner here doesn’t really qualify as climate control but I think it will still have a little flavor at the end.

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