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Drying & curing help

I’ve been growing for a couple years on and off due to life circumstances.  I recently harvested my first batch since I started growing this last time. I understand the concept of low and slow. I’m currently drying at around 66-68 degrees around 50% humidity.  My normal approach is hang dry branches for about 3 or 4 days, then I move to brown bags for 1-2 days. I burp the bags a few times a day. After that I put the flower into jars. Burping a few times a day for a week or so. I’m trying to dial in the right timeline on the hanging. I’m wondering if the stems should be snapping  before moving into bags or jars? Normally, I leave a little bit of bend in the stems. My train of thought is that I want to keep a small amount of moisture that is to be removed during the curing process.  Is that accurate? Another question I have is how long do you burp the jars for normally? Maybe there is no one size fits all answer but I just want to maximize all my time and hard work by curing properly.  I recently discovered the dude grows show. I have learned so much already and I really enjoy your content! I am a producer and will continue to be for a long time. Thank you for all the awesome knowledge your spreading to the DGC!


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  1. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

    Whatever works nan. Just burn test your buds along the way and adjust accordingly. when the small stems that at the bud snap, you’re good to jar typically. Invest as you can to have the control you need.

    1. GrourOwn24 Avatar

      Kind of in the same boat Sunny. I hang branches it seems for about 6-9 days at 63 & rh 62. Usually by then the stems are starting to tear & crack but not “snap”. They go right into jars and I’ll end up burping ‘em 3-5 times a day until the rh is where my humidity packs are – 62. After that I may burp them every other day for a wk then weekly. I don’t know if this helps any but this seems to work for me.

  2. SunnyDaze21 Avatar

    Yea that does help, thank you! I don’t think I was hanging them for long enough, I get so nervous about getting them too dry. I could always throw a humidity pack into the jars at the end if that happened. Just trying to preserve those terps!! Thanks for the input

  3. PacNW Dan Avatar

    Remember that there’s a wide gap between “perfect” and “perfectly good”.

    Because of lack of ability to substantially control my hanging environment I wind up drying roughly 10 days at about 50% and 68-70F, give or take.

    I trim and jar when I can bend a B-bud backwards and the stem snaps. They go into the jars with a 62% Integra pack for 10 days (I burp 15min 2x/day for the first 2-3 days, then once a day for another 8 days or so).

    After 10 days, I swap the 62% pack for a 55% pack and store at 55% from there. I find after 10 days of curing things have gotten passably close to their peak (enjoyably usable at this point), and it will continue to get slightly better over the subsequent 8 weeks to peak at around 10 weeks in the jar.

    1. SunnyDaze21 Avatar

      I was wondering about burp times while curing so thank you for that insight and taking the time to share your process! I am going to consider the Integra packs, I can see where that would help alot.

    1. SunnyDaze21 Avatar

      That’s great information! Thank you!!

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