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Found a pretty sweet article on ethylene as and how they affect your plants. Very similar to the new mill winter frost. ethylene encourages maturing by accelerating the aging process of the plant. Turns out its a naturally occurring thing within the plants. Studies show that seedlings exposed to ethylene gas prior to germination have shown increased growth rates. Here is a link to one of many articles. Haven’t heard too much on this, and I’ve heard tons on new mills winter frost. Can someone who understands it and how it affects the plant better than I explain this please?

Rusty knutz


2 responses to “Ethylene?”

  1. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

    Specific amino acids are the precursors of ethylene production in plants. Ethylene has many roles; I’m no scientist, but there are easy-to-find articles.
    If you follow the science, Winter Frost is likely a formula with amino acids that promote ethylene to induce or support senescence.
    Maybe putting a bunch of bananas in your room might do something, but I don’t see any good coming from adding ethylene gas to a grow room. It would be a common practice commercially if so.
    The benefit of a small grow is you can justify the cost of supplements like Winter Frost to get the most out of a few plants.

  2. J Mystro Avatar

    Bananas are rarely harvested ripe. They are placed in ethylene chambers for ripening before going to the grocery store. Avocados, mangos and plums are another few common examples of fruit that are exposed to ethylene gas for ripening.

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