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Hey growmies! I have 2 phenos of a strain that I can’t decide which to keep. The strain is neighborly nuisance by Appalachian genetics, and the best solution to my problem I can come up with is crossing them together. I haven’t done any breeding, and have no idea where to start. I was hoping to get some good advice and a little instruction to get these two ladies making babies.


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  1. Soup Avatar

    Nice buds! Should be a fun project!

    Your process would look something like this…

    -Make Silver Thiosulfate and use it to reverse one of your cuts to collect pollen.
    -Apply that pollen to the other keeper cut when its around week 3-4 of flower.
    -Harvest and collect seeds.

    Heres a pretty good article on how to make and apply silver thiosulfate. Its not very difficult and you can order the ingredients online.

  2. PacNW Dan Avatar

    As Soup said above, you’ll need to “reverse” one of the females to produce pollen, then apply that to the other. Should work just fine and somewhere in the progeny you’ll likely find that hybrid mix of mom and dad you’re looking for.

    Looking at the genetics, if you breed the two plants together these will be F2’s not F3s. Pure Michigan F2 is the mother plant, but crossed with 1974 Skunk you now have Neighborly Nuisance F1 feminized seeds.

    So breeding two NN F1’s will get you an F2. Reversing one of THOSE F2’s and breeding it with itself or a sister will produce an F3.

  3. NayHay Avatar

    Also episode 720 of the Grow from your heart podcast describes this, but this may be difficult to find as the podcast platforms deemed it dangerous. Rasta Jeff uses the usual STS method but breaks it down into detail and has a few special tips.

    Patience you will need. I’ve got a plant that I’ve sprayed for over a month before getting any male flowers. Now it has a mix of male full and nanners as well as female flowers, but none have dropped pollen. So it’s good to try a couple plants at once since it’s a finicky process.

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