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First grow

Cats are assholes. I didn’t give up though!


3 responses to “First grow”

  1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

    At least he is contributing to stress training.

  2. MaggotBrain Avatar

    I have three cats, only 1 is interested but he is a fiend. He would flip the dome off seedling / clone trays, I taped the lid down, then he tried standing on the lids, crushed them & broke the seedlings. Any young plants he nibbled on never recovered, I blamed bacteria but IDK. Some pheno’s he likes more than others. He comes running when he hears the tent zipper. He also likes to sink his nails in my tent while standing up to stretch his back. The plants seem easier to train than the pets. Good Luck, B

  3. Thomas Dereszynski Avatar

    Dang sounds like you have a little terror on your hands.

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