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First time grower needs help!!!

I have been watching the DGC for quite a while now, not a patreon yet but very soon! I am on my first grow as the title states and it has been anything but a smooth journey! I forgot Cal-MAG! Plus in my learning I have burnt my ladies. I have been flushing for a week. When do you feel i should reintroduce nutrients to my girls? Should I do it at a smaller EC/Strength and ween them back into it? I have ordered Grow Dots and Recharge and cannot wait to go automatic! Do i need to pH adjust my water with Grow Dots? I run around pH of 8.4 to 8.6 out of the tap. Thanks again DGC and a special thanks to the Scottus Interruptus!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    How fast your plants can recover from over-feeding varies based on how heavy and how long they were subjected to a high ec/ppm. It can take some time to show results. Over time high concentrations of elements will create salts that will typically lower pH out of range. Rinsing with water will remove anions like nitrate and phosphate but cations like cal and mag will not be easily washed out as they bond to media. Never supplement calcium or magnesium unless your plants are showing a calcium or magnesium deficiency. You’ll do more harm than good. Fulvic acid can help remove cations and salts. I highly suggest you adjust your alkaline tap water’s pH to a reasonable slightly acidic range of 5.8 – 6.5 when using coco with Grow dots or any mineralized nutrients.

  2. Tokez Avatar

    I have been in foxfarms line of soils so far. I was considering coco with the way that i plan on utilizing nutrients. I have been running my ph at 6.0 – 6.2 when watering and doing a bit more than normal. I am in week 3 of flower. They started to show signs of deficiency and that is why i got happy with the nutrients in the first place. I am slowly learning less is more and to let the plant do its thing. Thank you for the response Mystro!

    1. Tokez Avatar

      I forgot to mention i am watering to about a quart of run off every 2 days or so when they feel lighter again. My run off Ec is at 6.8ph now and 837ecm. I feel like they will be ready to feed again on Sunday when we have our “Girls Night”. Tomorrow will make the 3rd flush since I’ve began this process as soon as i noticed the burn setting in. What a feeling that is!

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