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Frozen OG and Frozen Bag from Robin Hood Genetics

Currently drying this last run. All grown in 7 gals. Coast of Maine with added biochar pumiceand rice hulls. Nutrition is a combination of Biobizz and some top dresses of Build a Soil craft blend.

Frozen OG phenos 1-3 in that order.

Two phenos of Frozen Bag also grown in Coast of Maine. Added biochar, pumice and rice hulls. Nutrition is combination of Biobizz and and craft blend.

Stay lifted DGC!

Frozen Bag phenos 1 & 2.


4 responses to “Frozen OG and Frozen Bag from Robin Hood Genetics”

  1. New Leaf Avatar

    Oh…and of course… Recharge!!! Mammoth P and fish shit. Recharge and fish shit get cut at week 6. Mammoth from flip, and left out in the last weekish.

  2. Altruistic_grower Avatar

    Gorgeous flowers homie that reddish purple is 🤌

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