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Garlic Mac Dragon by DragonFlameGenetics

This beautiful lady was grown in an Earthbox with Build A Soil 3.0 soil. One top dress of Build A Flower and Craft Blend at the transition to flower. Water only the whole run. The flower smokes nice n smooth. Smells of sweet garlic and raunch and tastes like garlic with a zesty citrus left on the pallet. The last toke from a bowl still tastes good. The high is hyper focused with a clarity behind the eyes all while you know you’re baked. Amazing smoke! Stay higher DGC!


3 responses to “Garlic Mac Dragon by DragonFlameGenetics”

  1. bnr_dgc Avatar

    tight work – enjoy!

  2. MayorOfBudTown Avatar

    Look at this BEAUTIFUL lady!!! The Mayor approves!

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