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Gifted a clone

After watching the Dude Grows Shows and podcasts for about 6 months, I got myself a 5×5 and 2×4 AC infinity set up. I took a grow class from my local grow store. At the end of the classed they held a drawing for a couple of cultivars. I was gifted a clone in its final pot, a 5 gallon fabric. The soil was not mixed by myself, and they had it on some sort of feeding cycle with liquid nutrients.  I do not have that nutrient setup, and after flipping to flower at 3 weeks I am seeing some nutrient deficiency. I was wondering if I top dressed with Grow Dots and use some Recharge if that would do the trick?  I was gifted 3 other cultivars but was able to mix the soil myself for transplant using Grow Dots and Recharge when needed.  They are doing awesome with no deficiency showing in them. Thanks Scotty for making growing easy for the beginner. Banner you rock. Dude what can I say I appreciate your advice. Grambo love the IT stuff. FYI the grow store closed down right after the final class. If not for people like you guys, I would not have tried growing in a tent. It is legal in my state to grow outside on your property. Now I can do both!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Top-dressing Grow Dots can help a little in a small pot but in a larger pot with a developed root system it might not have enough nutrition available quick enough. A starving clone needs nutrition right away. It would be much better if you can mix the Grow Dots in to a media and transplant the deficient clone in to that mix in a new pot.

  2. RASUFA Avatar

    Just remember grow dots release a lot of nitrogen in the first four weeks. You could always try some worm castings

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