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Grease Stain By Trae The Grower aka Rusty Knutz

What up Dudes!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted last that I had to create a new account.  I must say the new layout is way more aesthetically pleasing.

Pictured is a strain I bred in my Garage with my winning cuts of Carmelita by Exotic Genetix. The parents both washed around 4% and were carrying around 8% terps in flower form. Ya its technically Carmelita f2, but i did the work growing, and hunting the rare parents, bred em, and did all the testing, Sooo I gave it my own name. Grease Stain. I’ve got these ladies in a 10 gal super soil mix, using botanicare pro blend as my nutrient source that doesn’t come from the soil. The light they are under is a 800 mammoth led. There’s also an HLG 550 over the 2nd half of the tent adding a spectrum closer to 2100k. Nice fat stalks, thick branches, dense, trichome covered buds. The are fading out a dark purple/Maroon, with trichomes covering stems, fans, sugar leaves from top to bottom. I bred these specifically for solvent less, and will be giving them their first bath in the next couple weeks. Currently finishing up week 6. A couple phenos are on the verge of being finished, while the other 2 are taking their sweet time and packing on the weight.

Feels good to be back

Your boy Trae aka Rusty Knutz In sunny Sapulpa Oklahoma


2 responses to “Grease Stain By Trae The Grower aka Rusty Knutz”

  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Is it really sunny there? A lot of the time? What about the wind? I found the temperatures to be pretty reasonable, but the wind quite intolerable! Do you ever heard of naval jelly? It’s for soaking your rusty nuts in.

    1. Rusty Knuitz Avatar

      super sunny in oklahoma. Nuts are rusty bc theyre always getting wet, wife cant get enough of me if you must know.

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