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Grow Dots for autos

What’s up DGC!! So I’m gonna try autos this year outside in Wisco where I live. every year i get seeds from all the ditch weed growing everywhere around me! plus I get these god damn little orange worms. I think they are called corn bores. crazy thing is they are like yellow unless they on weed then they are bright orange! I need something that will finish sooner. I have never grown autos before. I know they don’t feed as heavy. I ordered some grow dots yesterday but is there a feed scale for autos? or just do half as much? or what does everyone think? plus good autos? decent yield but most important strong potent autos? any suggestions??


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  1. Joheim Avatar

    I only grow inside so can’t comment on how autos in general will perform outside. In my tents though I use the 5g of Grow Dots per gallon of media and generally pull 2 oz per plant. My highest performing strain was “Mimosa Cake Auto” from Gorilla seeds, 5.8 oz dried from her. She was a beast. My worst was less that .5 oz. I couldn’t make her happy at all that was “Bloody Skunk auto” from Sweet Seeds.

  2. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    I’m in the same boat as far as the ditch weed pollen. I do autos outside early in the year. The regular formula of Grow Dots will work prefect. Follow the instructions as far a how much. I wouldn’t be afraid to add Recharge throughout the grow and a bloom additive after the flowers show. Good luck!

    1. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

      where do u get ur autos? what have u found to be best? i’ve got many years of photo experience but never done autos before

    2. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

      have u tried anything from atlas? they have. gmo i wanna try. i love gmo terps so if i can get that in an auto hell yeah!! have u had any really chem/ fuel/ funky nastiness?? the nastier the better lmao

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