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HELP! Got some yella

Hello DGC,

I need some advice. I am running 2 Yikes from Exotic Genetics, 2 Orangasms and 4 Frequency Shifts from Irie Genetics. All look really good except for some type of deficiency in the Frequency Shifts. I am a using 3.9 gal Autopot set up. I am feeding the girls with Ghia Green amendments. I am also adding 2ml/gallon of cal-mag into the reservoir along with 2oz/gallon of Photoplus from Microbe Life, and 2ml/gallon of Terps Plus from Microbe Life. I am running a 25 gallon res. I am 40 days into Veg and 96 days from when I first planted the seeds in direct soil. I am using filtered water and maintaining a pH of 6.2 to 6.6. I know there a lot of variables but what does this look like? Thank you all for helping a newbie.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    What does your soil consist of? It looks like a lack of mag with the interveinal chlorosis but that could be pH related. Your soil may be too acidic so you’re going to want to check the run off to get an idea of what to do next.

    1. Creature Avatar

      Hello – yes, I usually add the calmag first.

    2. Creature Avatar

      Hello, my soil consists of promix bx, 20% of perlite added, and 20% worm castings from wiggle worm. I stated in veg with a 70/30 mix of ghia Green all purpose to Ghia Green bloom. 1 week prior to flower I top dressed with additional bloom, and worm castings. I am trying to think about how I can get run off to test with the autopot system. Would a slurry test with soil work?

      1. J Mystro Avatar

        You can do a slurry test or run a little RO through the pot to get an idea of the run off numbers. The pH buffer of your soil is far more important than the pH you water in at. When the pH is out of range the Ghia will be unavailable.

        1. Creature Avatar

          Thank you J Mystro. I will get the run off to check and post the update. I did test the soil with a soil meter but I dont know how accurate those are. It read at 7.1ph. I appreciate all your advice.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Are you adding the cal mag to water First? Before anything else?

    1. Creature Avatar

      I usually add the calmag to the resiviour first, then I add the Photoplus, and Terp Plus. It does seem like the PH in my resiviour drifted from 6.2 to 5.6ph over a 4 day period. I adjusted the PH and will keep a closer eye on the PH in the resiviour. It usually maintains between 6.2 to 6.6 for the entire week until I refill the res.

  3. NayHay Avatar

    It looks like the plant is moving magnesium from old leaves and you may not be able to stop this. I’d consider a one-time addition of epsom salt to just the ones with the worst yellowing leaves, 1 tbs/gallon of water in a top watering. I’d not do this to the healthy ones at this stage since magnesium competes with phosphorus in plant uptake channels.

    To avoid this in the future, I think you have better luck with bigger pots if you’re going all organic.

    The Golden Goat part of the Frequency Shift is always hungry. I can’t keep any Goat leaning varietal happy past half way into flowering. But I still get a ton of flowers, and I think the plant just puts out more leaves than she can support in an organic soil of limited size.

    If you feed with salts you can get by with a smaller root mass.

    1. Creature Avatar

      NayHay. Thank you. I will try the Epsom salt mix. I think I will also try another Frequency Shift in a 10gal. I will also run some in the autopots again. I will try to increase the amendment mix and frequency for top dressing to see if I can find a good ratio using Ghia. At some point I will try using Athena Pro. Thank you for the help

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