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How do you use your Monosilicic Acid

I decided to buy the girls a quart of this Gro-Silic. Anyone use this brand? And how does everyone add this into their feeding schedule? Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers eh and all the best in the new year!


4 responses to “How do you use your Monosilicic Acid”

  1. MidMOGrower Avatar

    It’s says it has 44% silicon derived from Monosilicic but is it really a monosilicic acid for 25$ for 250ml? Kinda confused.

    Monosilicic Acid

    Available Silicon (Si(OH)4) ………. 44.0%
    Boron (B)(actual) ………. 0.009%
    Molybdenum (Mo)(actual) ………. 0.0015%

    1. Crontario Chris Avatar

      I made sure it wasn’t a potassium silicate.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I’ve been spraying it in veg.

  3. MidMOGrower Avatar

    I mean Si(OH)4 is monosilicic Acid aka ortho. But for the price does not make sense for what it’s offering vs other products like Silicium and/or Grow Genie. Unless they are over pricing the other brands with lower Si(OH)4 values.

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