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How not to finish

Hey DGC!  Here are a couple pics of my harvest of Jack Tripper.  I have been pheno hunting a pack of Rasta Jeff’s seeds. Grown in Pro Blend, Worm castings, New Millennium nutes, Recharge.  These ladies were doing great and then I had to leave for my work at day 72 of flower, which was supposed to be the average flower time.  After getting some advise from the DGC question/answer section I super overwatered the girls and hoped for the best.  Got home 10 days later and everything looked good when I checked, it was at lights out time.  Next day I find my 1000W HPS blub had gone bad at some point during my trip (new LED light already here).  Hooked up an old 600W HPS to get me through to harvest.  With the new light on, while checking trichs I noticed mold on one big bud.  Rest of the plants looked clean so I cut the bad bud off, turned the dehumidifier down to 35% and thought we were clear to go.  Well as I feared, and as time went on, that one plant showed a couple other buds with light mold, none of the others showed any mold so even though I could have let them go at least another week I gave them the chop at the end of week 12.

Great lemon smell, I can’t wait to taste.

Thanks to the crew for all you do!


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  1. Green Ogre Farms Avatar

    Holy crap 12-13 weeks of flower! That’s a long one

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