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How to make the most potent Edibles with BHO

Hello all!

“How to make the most potent Cannabis oil. AKA “canna butter”. My previous article on edibles, is the most popular article I’ve written here so far, sparking all kinds of questions, compliments, and of course no controversial article would be complete without a hater or two 😉

I have been mentoring “TheDirtyDabber” for about 6 months now. He is actually the one who has shown me how to make BHO. One of my consult-ees has submitted a recipe to me for making edibles from BHO. I was skeptical at first, but after I saw the results, I was impressed by how easy it is to make, how much better the edibles taste, and how knock out potent the final product is. If you have access to BHO, and you enjoy edibles, this is a great method for cooking with BHO. There are a few reasons why cooking with BHO is desired, over regular canna butter / canna coconut oil.

1) The edibles will taste much better. Since BHO is more concentrated than canna oil / butter, you will use much less of it. Therefore you taste it less. In some cases, you cant taste it at all.

2) This method is easier and less labor than soaking herb in butter, and straining it, etc.

3) Potency – this product will kick even the stoniest of stoners, right in the ass. Use extreme caution when dosing. It’s like a “foo foo” alcoholic drink. Since it is harder to taste, you don’t realize you are getting so much of it.

A 35g patty of BHO, make from “emdog”, grown outdoors.

I’m not going to get into the process of making BHO in this article. Certainly if you don’t already have access to BHO, this recipe won’t be possible. But if you do, and you like edibles, this is a great way to extend the effects of your BHO.

Unfortunately, I only have some pretty pictures of BHO, which are intended for your viewing pleasure only, and no pictures of the recipe process. However, I think you’ll see how easy it is, and I’ll try to add pictures, once TheDirtyDabber puts down his hot nail and takes a few pics.


Preface, by TheCapn: Before I start, I want to preface this, with a few points.


DO NOT give an “edible” to a friendnwithout telling them it has cannabis in it. It’s not funny, and you could make your friend very sick.

Many people’s bodies process edibles differently than others, regardless of the amount of THC in the oil. The same dose that gets you “feeling good”, might put the next person sick in bed for 8 hours with the spins (me).

This recipe is not intended for producing edibles for others. It is only intended for personal use.

Potency vs Effectiveness. These are two different things. There are several factors that determine potency and effect, and I’ll try to outline them here.

If you are a journalist and looking to write an article about edibles, don’t eat too much, and then write an article about how bad edibles are.


Definitions, pertaining to edibles:


*Potency: The concentration of the medicine. The strain and type of material used, will affect the potency, or the amount of THC in the product. And as we know, not all THC is created equally.

*Availability: The ability of the medicine to be absorbed into your body, and the conduit in which we choose to deliver it. The decarb process, using soy lecithin, and coconut oil, will make oil more “available” (able to be absorbed) to your body.

*Effectiveness: The process in which YOUR body absorbs the medicine.For some people, (even people with a high tolerance) only a tiny amount of oil is needed, since their body absorbs it so efficiently. For others, they need to eat more to achieve the same effect.

*Tolerance: Someone with a higher tolerance will usually need to eat more, to achieve the same effect. But not always. Start with small amounts to figure out your tolerance level with edibles and your body’s ability to absorb the medicine.

Blue Dream BHO, after second Vac. The Blue Dream makes the MOST stable BHO I’ve ever seen.

Making edibles with BHO, by TheDirtyDabber edited by, TheCapn.

Ingredients needed:

1gr BHO

2 teaspoons soy lecithin

coconut oil (better choice), or butter (use the amount called for in your recipe)

Step 1. Figure out how much BHO to use, I find about 0.1g of BHO per dose (edible) is perfect for me, however I’m a large guy with a very high tolerance, if my girl eats half that (0.05) she will be walking around with the sensation she has been decapitated.

Again, be careful with your dosing; this stuff is very effective! You don’t want to lose your head. For this example, we will make 20 servings (cookies, brownies, hard candies, whatever) and we will use .05 in each serving. 20 servings x .05/serving = 1gram of BHO.

Step 2. Decarb your oil. Do not skip this step. Put your BHO on silicone baking mat, and place the mat in an oven safe bowl (If you don’t have a baking mat you can use parchment paper). The oil may bubble and expand, so be careful you have enough room on the silicone mat. Once the oven is at 200°F, heat your oil for 20min, then turn off the oven and let oil cool inside with the oven. Once cooled, the oil will be very sticky and sappy. Put it in the freezer until it gets cold (10 minutes), so it is easy to get off the silicone or parchment. Your BHO is now decarbed, or “activated” and ready to be ingested, or added to your baking mix.

Step 3. Add the BHO to your cooking oil.
Put your coconut oil (the amount your recipe calls for) in the microwave and heat until it is about as hot as coffee. Gather your BHO on the end of a fork or dabber, and LIGHTLY torch the BHO, holding it over the melted butter so it slowly drips into it. Be careful not to cook it. Only get it warm enough to melt off the fork. Once it has all melted in, stir. As long as the butter or oil is hot enough, theBHO will fully melt into it and be evenly distributed. Do not microwave your BHO or you may destroy it. Do not attempt to drip your BHO into a big bowl of cookie batter. It won’t distribute evenly.

Step 4. Add lecithin and make your brownies.

Now add a couple tea spoons of soy lecithin to your butter or oil, and then add the butter or oil to your recipe. The lecithin is not absolutely necessary, but will help make the medicine more biologically available to your body to absorb. This will make the effects stronger, and last longer. In turn, you can consume less of it to get the desired effect.

Step 5. Dosing.

Remember, as I said above, edibles effect people in different ways. Just because you can eat two cookies and feel great, doesn’t mean your buddy (the biggest stoner you know) can do the same thing. Edibles take a long time to “kick in”. I would suggest to start with 1/2 portion and wait 90-120 minutes and evaluate your condition. If you feel you need more, then eat the other 1/2 of the portion.

Use with caution. Eat at your own risk. Use only under close adult supervision. Light fuse and get away quickly. Don’t feed the bears.

TheDirtyDabber and TheCapn accept no responsibility or liability for one’s use of BHO, cannabis, edibles, or firecrackers.

<em>A small slab of BHO made from Purple Dream.</em>


135 responses to “How to make the most potent Edibles with BHO”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    Do I need to decarb shatter in the oven?

    1. Jmmsnm8088 Avatar

      Yes and I tried this recipe just yesterday and used 3 grams of sugar wax ….. its a great recipe and made some kick ass mind bending brownies but took 2 hours to kick in …. ⁴decarb is extremely important and I decarbed between 240 and 250 only i did it for 45 minutes and then added 1/3rd cup of warm coconut oil to the very warm wax.. ( all this was done in a glass Pyrex measuring cup even the decarb process) and then just stirred it around a bit and then straight to the brownie mix…. I think I should’ve infused the wax into the oil for a faster onset

  2. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Do I need to decarb shatter in the oven?
    Please read step 2. This will tell you what you need to know.

  3. Dakota Avatar

    Do I just follow the brownie recipe that uses oil or do I adjust the 350 degree at 20 min to like 260 for 40?

  4. Zach Avatar

    Could I decarb in a crockpot together with the oil? It heats to 180 F. Id leave it for 30min or so.

  5. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Do I just follow the brownie recipe that uses oil or do I adjust the 350 degree at 20 min to like 260 for 40?

    Use the normal cooking time that is on the box of brownies. FYI, it is better to make an edible that doesn’t go stale as quick as brownies. For something really cool, melt some jolly ranchers in the oven at 200 F Stir in a little BHO. Enjoy 😉

    >>>Could I decarb in a crockpot together with the oil?

    You need to decarb the oil by itself. Follow the recipe and you will be golden.

    1. Aarronl Avatar

      I’m guessing this is right but I just need to ask to make sure I understand everything so after you Decarb the wax(BHO) at 200°F for 20 minutes in the amount of oil or butter the recipe says to use then after u decarb the wax u just add it to ur brownie mix and cook the brownies?

  6. Msquared Avatar

    you’re the man! thanks for the help!!

  7. A Avatar

    For the jolly rancher it say mix in bho is that literally the shatter or after u make the coconut oil mix

    1. Steffesj Avatar

      Is there a recipe to follow step by step. Do you have good chocolate recipes? No brownies.

  8. Susan Avatar

    Thanks SO much for this info on making edibles with BHO. I have experimented with this a little but wasn’t sure it was ok. So happy to know for sure for all the reasons you mentioned. Especially good to know I need to decarb it, I didn’t know that. My next attempt should be even better. I’m a medical mj patient and edibles are changing my life!

  9. Susan Avatar

    Hi, I was just reading that CBDa needs to decarb at a higher temp and longer than THCa. If I want to decarb Harliquin BHO do you have any advice on temp/time to maximize cad while not losing thc?

    1. Jmystro Avatar

      Hi Susan. You can decarb CBDa at 250 F for 20-30 minutes with no risk to THC. Cannabinoids will convert from their acid form at room temp over time so heat only speeds up this process. I prefer to convert them at lower temps over several hours saving some terpenes I would lose at higher temps. Hope this helps.

  10. Toon Avatar

    Is there a time frame to how long it should cool in the oven before moving to the freezer?

  11. Susan Avatar

    This all works great! I made the same recipe using the same strain (Harlequin BHO) as I had in the past but declared the BHO first and added soy lecithin (non-gmo) and my product is SO much better! Almost no taste of marijuana, I get better results than before on half the amount!! Amazing and so glad, this stuff gets expensive. Thanks again for sharing info!

  12. mike Avatar

    Thank you for all of your knowledge sharing!!! I was wondering if it is required to let the activated BHO cool before adding it to the oil of choice? Could one transfer it directly from oven into heated oil so as to avoid having to torch it again later in Step 3?

  13. Michael Avatar

    How long can butter with bho store in the fridge?

    1. Thc4everything Avatar

      I use within 6 months.

  14. Waldo Avatar

    how would i get the jolly ranchers back to the normal size after i melt them, and you never answered dudes question lol do i jus put decarbed oil in or put in coconut oil first?

  15. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Is there a time frame to how long it should cool in the oven before moving to the freezer?

    It is not a big deal, just so your container doesn’t break from hot / cold shock.

    >>>Almost no taste of marijuana

    True. Once you eat edibles made from this, you won’t want to make canna oil any longer.

    >>>if it is required to let the activated BHO cool before adding it to the oil of choice?

    Yes as soon as it comes out of the oven you can use it.

    >>>How long can butter with bho store in the fridge?

    I don’t know the answer to this question, but I would guess several months. I don’t see why it would break down.

    >>>how would i get the jolly ranchers back to the normal size after i melt them

    You can use a candy mold. Buy them at a craft store. We make “minions” that will F you up!

    >>>do i jus put decarbed oil in or put in coconut oil first?

    If your recipe calls for oil or butter, add the BHO to the oil or butter and mix it well, before adding it to your recipe.

  16. Grant Avatar

    If I did this with reclaim, should I still decarb it?

  17. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>If I did this with reclaim, should I still decarb it?

    It is not necessary to decarb reclaim; I don’t think it will make it any more potent.

  18. Andy Avatar

    How much loss is there when you decarb? I did 250mg, ended up with about half after. Is that normal?

  19. Niki Avatar

    How can I add decarbed oil into chocolate? Is that even possible?

  20. Exo Avatar

    I wanna make.chocolate edible with 3g of.wax

  21. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>How much loss is there when you decarb? I did 250mg, ended up with about half after. Is that normal?

    No loss. That is not normal.

    >>>How can I add decarbed oil into chocolate? Is that even possible?

    Yes the dirty dabber makes fudge, and just a sliver will kick my ass.

  22. Niki Avatar

    So just add to melted chocolate and you’re good to go? (Thought chocolate might not be hot enough when melted)

  23. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>So just add to melted chocolate and you’re good to go?

    Yes you can add to melted chocolate. You can add a little coconut oil to the chocolate to thin it out slightly.

    The peanut butter cups recipe can be edited to use BHO. Follow the recipe using plain coconut oil, then just add the decarbed BHO to the chocolate.

  24. Bastian Avatar

    Hello friend,

    I am trying to follow a basic recipe for hard candy but have encountered a few problems.

    It says to use pure BHO, but I find that the BHO does not incorporate into the syrup at all, it floats to the top, and then remains in uneven globules throughout the candy when mixed thoroughly, which increases your chance of the whole thing reverting to sugar… I can only imagine adding oil to the BHO will only make it less soluble…

    So I got lecithin and glycerin to make the BHO more soluble… am I on the right track? My lecithin is liquid and won’t dissolve in water…

    What am I doing wrong? I believe I will encounter the same issue if I try gummies…

    Any advice before I ruin some more BHO?

    Thanks in advance,

  25. TwistedOne9x Avatar

    would it be possible to use RSO in place of BHO. Simpler to make at homeand is decarbed in the process of making it. Is a gram of RSO similar in potency to a gram of BHO?

  26. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>would it be possible to use RSO in place of BHO
    Yes, absolutely. I’ve done it.

    >>>Is a gram of RSO similar in potency to a gram of BHO?
    All other things equal, YES, when it comes to eating it. But BHO better for smoking of course.

    >>>I find that the BHO does not incorporate into the syrup at all, it floats to the top, and then remains in uneven globules throughout the candy when mixed thoroughly

    When you are ALMOST done with the hard candy… and you’re to the part where you add the food coloring, turn off the heat, and have one person stir while the other drips in the melted BHO. When the candy is still really hot, the BHO will melt in just fine. Maybe you let it cool too much.

  27. Greg Avatar

    A toaster oven is way more stable environment than an oven, I highly suggest using one over an oven.

  28. Aaron Avatar

    Im looking to make some soft candys with my BHO and I’ve got a recipe but not sure how i can incorporate it with the ingredients. If you have any idea which step of the process I could put the BHO in it would be greatly appreciated.

    30 g – Gelatin, 140 bloom
    256 g – Water, divided
    3.5 g – Gum arabic
    18 g – Citric acid
    6 g – Mandarin oil, or other citrus oil
    130 g – Shortening
    0.6 g – Lecithin
    25 g – Powdered sugar
    600 g – Glucose syrup
    600 g – Sugar

    1. Combine gelatin and water in a Ziplock-style or vacuum bag and seal. Place bag in a water bath set to 140 °F / 60 °C. Keep it there about 30 minutes, plus or minus about 10 minutes. You can tell the gelatin has fully bloomed when the bag contents form a thick syrup that is lump- and streak-free.

    2. In a small bowl, combine water and gum arabic. The gum arabic has a tendency to clump. To ensure it hydrates fully, keep stirring or whisking until smooth, or combine an hour ahead of time. Cover. The mixture will turn clear in about 30 minutes.

    3. In a bowl, combine water and citric acid. Stir until acid dissolves fully.

    Add essential oil.

    4. Combine shortening, lecithin, gum arabic mixture (from above), powdered sugar, and citric acid mixture (from above).

    5. n a pot, combine water, glucose, and sugar.

    Over medium heat, cook sugar mixture until it reaches a temperature of 262 °F / 128 °C. Remove from heat.


    The temperature is flexible here by one or two degrees on either side. Below 259 °F / 126 °C, your candy will be too soft. Above 264 °F / 129 °C, it will be too hard to pull. You can achieve the exact texture you’re after—but the window is small. A few degrees on either side will take the candy from soft and chewy to hard and chewier.

    When cooking sugar, it is very important to start slow. Then, once the sugar has dissolved and you have a syrup, you can cook it pretty quickly to the desired temperature.

    6. Add all ingredients to the bowl of a stand mixer outfitted with the paddle attachment. The gelatin-water mixture may be tricky to remove from the bag—you don’t have to get every last drop out, but try for as much as possible.

    Begin mixing on low until ingredients begin to come together. Slowly increase speed to high. If mixture begins escaping the bowl, you’re going too fast. Throttle back a little until it gets stickier. Once you have achieved maximum speed, keep mixing for about two minutes to make sure everything is well-combined. The candy should be white and thick, and will form a ball pretty quickly when you rub it between your fingers. (Psst: Add coloring here if you want monochromatic candies.) Once it is ready, scoop onto a flat, cool, lightly greased surface to cool and grow firm.

    Once you can poke the candy without any sticking to your fingers, it’s ready for pulling.



  29. THECAPN Avatar


    Heat your Shortening up to 220 degrees, and melt your BHO into it. Then let the Shortening cool and resume your recipe as usual.


  30. Aaron Avatar

    Awesome thank you i really appreciate it!

  31. greg Avatar

    My girlfriend made some brownies with wax last weekend. She didn’t de-carb it. But just melted the wax in melted butter for about 10 mins. She used 1/2 stick of butter and 1/2 gram of wax. I didn’t get to have any because it was for her friends batchelorette party. What does the de-carb process accomplish?

  32. Zac Avatar

    I made a gram of BHO into a 1/2 cup of coocnut oil… using your method word for word. Lechtin .. decarb. . Ect. I took about 3 teaspoons worth at once.. should I be feeling it alot ?? Cause I don’t 🙁

  33. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>What does the de-carb process accomplish?

    That’s a great question, and has got me thinking about edibles in general. I made a new post, related to this question:

  34. Chris Avatar

    When you decarb the bho in the oven…does it smell like weed?

  35. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>When you decarb the bho in the oven…does it smell like weed?

    The amount is so small, you can’t really smell it. If you are decarbing weed… then you’ll smell it a bit.

  36. DontMicrowave Avatar

    Don’t microwave coconut oil. Mercy! Preserve the BTO and micronutrients

  37. Josh Avatar

    Can you take good crumble and put into capsules and eat it and get a stony high? I’m going to travel and want to eat some before boarding the plane.

  38. Archie Avatar

    Hi! I make gummies like this and I was hoping to attempt baking it into my other baked good recipes. If, for example, I am making banana bread at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, do I have to account for that temperature after the decarb process? Will it affect the potency of my oil and do I have to change the recipe accordingly? Thank you for the tips, it is nice to see a good reference to the use of BHO oil.

  39. Crazyjoedallas Avatar

    If I add decarboxylated qwet to 250°f-300°f jolly ranchers, would it decarboxylate further? I’m looking for a perfect temp for more psychoactive than narcotic..

  40. Lenese Avatar

    Under one of the pictures it references BHO after the second VAC. What is VAC exactly… Does that mean it’s decarbed twice for even more potency?

  41. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Can you take good crumble and put into capsules and eat it and get a stony high? I’m going to travel and want to eat some before boarding the plane.

    Yes you will get high. But it is such a waste of product. One gram of BHO will make about 30 doses. If you eat it, maybe 3 doses. It isn’t available to your body to consume.

    >>>I am making banana bread at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, do I have to account for that temperature after the decarb process? Will it affect the potency of my oil and do I have to change the recipe accordingly?

    Don’t change your bread recipe. Heat up the oil you are using to make the bread. Mix the decarbed BHO into the hot oil. Let the oil cool, then make the bread.

  42. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>If I add decarboxylated qwet to 250°f-300°f jolly ranchers, would it decarboxylate further?

    Slightly, but the jolly ranchers cool so quickly. This is a good way to use the product.

    >>>BHO after the second VAC. What is VAC exactly… Does that mean it’s decarbed twice for even more potency?

    Vacuum purge system; to purge the butane out of the oil.

  43. bob Avatar

    Hello, If I use rosin oil, would there be an issue with decarbing the oil at 250 for 30 mins in coconut oil to start with and not just on its own? I would have thought that heating the oil up again with a torch after decarbing and then in hot coconut oil would over decarb it? Thanks for your time

  44. I heart 420 Avatar

    I am still confused as to why it doesn’t decarb too much during the cooking process. If a recipe calls for let’s say 350 for 25 minutes, that’s a higher temp for a longer time than the original decarb process? I don’t understand why it’s not ‘over-decarbing’ during the cooking process. This is a great article by they way, appreciate it very much!!

  45. Jon Avatar

    I did this recipe and my brownies didnt work 🙁 it tasted like the wax but still didnt get me high. You think the decarb process is wrong? I see alot if other websites saying to decarb from any where from 250-300° F, i also had some sticky wax so any tips on how to deal with sticky wax that was spread out on parchment paper? It was the point where I had to scrape the wax off the paper with 9 different knifes to mix it in the coconut oil.

    1. dunderbrain Avatar

      Because the guy clearly doesn’t know wtf he’s doing. Gather the oil on a fork? Use a lighter to melt it off? This is fkn amateur hour and you’re all clowns for following him 😂

  46. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Hello, If I use rosin oil, would there be an issue with decarbing the oil at 250 for 30 mins in coconut oil to start with and not just on its own? I would have thought that heating the oil up again with a torch after decarbing and then in hot coconut oil would over decarb it?

    Smoke that Rosin! Ha. But yes if you want to make edibles from Rosin, follow the recipe above and it will turn out great!

    >>>I am still confused as to why it doesn’t decarb too much during the cooking process.

    Your are right, and it may decarb more during the cooking process. Personally, I don’t make things like brownies and cookies that go stale in 4 days. It is better to make something like home made almond joys, so you can keep them in the refrigerator for a few months.

    >>>I did this recipe and my brownies didnt work 🙁 it tasted like the wax but still didnt get me high. You think the decarb process is wrong? I see alot if other websites saying to decarb from any where from 250-300° F, i also had some sticky wax so any tips on how to deal with sticky wax that was spread out on parchment paper? It was the point where I had to scrape the wax off the paper with 9 different knifes to mix it in the coconut oil.

    A lot depends on your starting material, but I have seen very potent edibles made, even from BAD BHO. If your BHO is really sticky and dark colored, that is a sign that it isn’t the greatest quality. But if it gets you high when you smoke it, you should be able to decarb it and make edibles out of it. The decarbing process will help with poor quality oil, if that is the case. I just made 40 bite size almond joys from 1.25 grams of BHO myself. Just ONE is perfect for me, and a few of my patients (some eat two at a time). I don’t know what you did wrong, but I would say to you, start at the top of the recipe, and take a close look at what steps you may have missed. It should work every time. Next time, scrape off what you can from the parchment, then let the rest of the BHO cool in the refrigerator on the parchment paper. Then you can peel it off a lot easier, and smoke it, or stir it into hot coconut oil.

  47. gwizz Avatar

    Do you have a recipe for an almond joy? that sounds delicious and i eat lots of almonds

  48. Steve Avatar

    Can this be made then stored for later use? I have 4 grams of BHO and rather than make edibles with all of it at once I’d like to just make the oil you show here and store it to make several batches of edibles at different times while I experiment with various types of treats.

    Instead of putting the BHO on a fork and torching can I just put the BHO in an oven safe dish to decarb then add heated coconut oil directly to it and mix it up there?

    How much oil do you suggest using per gram of BHO if you’re going to be making gummies and other candies? Is there an optimal ratio to be effective and efficient while not using more coconut oil than necessary since it’s still pretty concentrated?


  49. THECAPN Avatar

    >>>Can this be made then stored for later use?

    Steve, that’s a good question, but I would not do it, because the recipe you are making, might not call for oil. If you are making hard candies, the coconut oil might spoil the recipe.

    >>>Do you have a recipe for an almond joy?

    Search google for “home made almond joy”. I have tried a few of them and they all work well. The last time I made almond joys, I used 1.2 grams of BHO and I made 40 almond joys (bite size). 3 of them work well for people with high tolerance.

    1. Aarronl Avatar

      I’m guessing this is right but I just need to ask to make sure I understand everything so after you Decarb the wax(BHO) at 200°F for 20 minutes in the amount of oil or butter the recipe says to use then after u decarb the wax u just add it to ur brownie mix and cook the brownies?

      1. JustCoolin Avatar

        I would decarb the wax then introduce the amount of butter or oil required for your recipe, this makes dosing easier to figure out. Warm the oil or butter enough to melt and dissolve the decarbed wax totally,i just use glass in microwave. Then add to recipe.

  50. Steve Avatar

    Well, not considering future recipes, but just wanting the liquid. I have some empty glass bottles that hold 30 ml and have 1 mil droppers with lines marked indicating how much is in the dropper. Is there any reason someone couldn’t just make this with oil, fill dropper bottles, calculate their dosage (and experiment of course), and just put it under their tongue?

    Do you know what the optimal ratio of coconut oil to BHO would be? Enough to get the goods out of it, and bound, but not so much that it’s very diluted? I’m thinking of making 1 gram of BHO into 30 ML to fill the bottles. Thanks!

  51. Chris S Avatar
    Chris S

    If I make gummy bears, can I melt the activated BHO directly into glycerin? I was thinking I could use a pinch bowl to put a tsp of glycerin and melting in 3 to 3.5 grams of BHO. That way the glycerin would help to evenly mix the BHO. Your thoughts?

  52. Gena Lora Avatar
    Gena Lora

    Hi all
    I want to make marshmallows and want to use shatter in them. How do I make an extract or infusion with the shatter knowing it needs a fat source?? Please advise

  53. sirHomie Avatar

    I want to get soy lecithin capsules because theyre cheaper, and melt/dissolve them, then use them in the recipe. will small amounts of vegetable glycerin or gelatin (both in the capsules) harm the product???


  54. sirHomie Avatar


    >>>I got glycerin and lecithin to make the bho more soluble…am i on the right track?
    based on this recipe, adding glycerin should make the bho more soluble. The recipe is for gummies and seems to have solved your issue, at least for gummies.

  55. Kelsey Avatar

    What amount of BHO do you use for the Peanut Butter Canna Cups link you left above? Everyone I want to make them for, myself included, have a high tolerance and I would rather eat half a serving over not feeling anything at all or barely at all.

  56. Trisko Avatar

    Is coconut oil a must for BHO edibles or will other types work.

  57. Steve Avatar

    I did this today and it worked perfectly. I have a high tolerance and 1/10 of the shatter on each brownie did the job. Decarbed for 25 minutes at 250. I smoked 5 hours into and was really pleased with the amplified effects. It s been 7+ and still feel some of it. I ll double the dose next time, and see how it goes. Thanks.

  58. Robyn LeMon Avatar
    Robyn LeMon

    First off, thanks for some really good info. I found what I was looking for.

    I have a little question for speculation. I want to use BHO in a candy recipe that cooks at about 220 for about half an hour and then goes up to 243 in 5-10 minutes and then is taken off the heat. Considering the length of time and the temperatures involved, shouldn’t that account for the double-boiling? I am concerned about overcooking my BHO.

  59. Adam Avatar

    Have a question on dosing edibles that I’m hopping to get help for. I usually make gel caps from my saved up reclaim. I usually do a 1-4 ratio of reclaim to coconut oil. I would like to use actual wax or shatter and just decarb it because reclaim takes to long to collect. I would like to keep the same Potency as the ones I make with reclaim. So my question is how much stronger is actual decarbed wax/shatter over reclaim. And what ratio would u recommend for me to use to match the potency of the ones made with reclaim Any help is really Appreciated

  60. Delysid Avatar

    Yurubud Dont: your method of decarbing sounds amazing. I’ve stumbled onto many of the little details you name, but you’re further down the road & have strung them all together, confirming hunches & answering questions I’ve had.

    I’ve done decarbing in & on oven maybe 15-20 times, in various ways, learning & experimenting. So I’m really just getting past beginner, & a lot of questions, hints & hunches that have been gathering are answered, taken up, & confirmed in Yurbid’s method. This is the sort of thing one saves on hard copy for posterity. And the internet is not forever, after all. Or is it?

    A few gems:

    – 3-bake decarb: aha! I was beginning to suspect that. For some reason, multiple decarb sessions seem to help. Better & more consistent results.

    – time on double-boiler after oven decarb: yes! Another suspicion confirmed. Potency & quality is improved, sometimes dramatically, by simmering in cooking oil over hot water in a double boiler — breaking the time up into 2 or more sessions improves results, too.

    I happened to do both those things a few times with great results. Reading Yurbud, I now know why, & how to do it better.

    Also, doing it all in one small ovenproof bowl in a toaster oven — great idea. Get oven thermometer! Don’t trust thermostat in toaster or any other oven. Get an oven thermometer — under $10.

  61. Delysid Avatar

    This article & the comments — all gold! This should be made permanent & circulated far & wide. A lot of good, solid info on the topic, the most I’ve ever seen in one place, really. If you feed thru the comments thoughtfully, look stuff up that you don’t understand & then come back & keep going, there is a *ton* of priceless human knowledge to be derived from this humble article & comments. This ethnobotanical lore is our cultural heritage & must be handed down to future generations. So print a few copies. Potters, set them into clay & let future archaeologists puzzle over our religion.

  62. Joe Avatar

    After heating up the coconut oil to coffee tempature I let it sit for a min or two and started to add my bho to it via a fork and small torch. It was working fine then a glob fell off and went into the oil. The oil was so hot when I added it to the batter it nearly fried my eggs. Should I let it cool then add bho or let it cool and mix into the batter mixed up. Also the soy lethicium I did not add as it was not available so I made without. They are awesome! Great post!! I had another question but my brownies made me forget.

  63. Jim Avatar

    If I plan on decarbbing a half ounce of shatter how much soy lech tin would I need to use?

  64. Kenny Jr Avatar
    Kenny Jr

    Could I put the wax on parchment paper that is half parchment and half foil? Also would you recommend using a small torch or a large torch when you are melting the decarbbed wax into the coconut oil?

  65. Craig Avatar

    Awesome thread!
    I really appreciate all the great, insightful contributions. It’s been really, really good for me, so thanks to everyone!
    A couple of questions….
    Question #1: What’s the minimum amount of coconut oil you need to bind a gram of BHO? This protocol has elevated my cholesterol significantly, so I need to reduce my coconut oil consumption asap.
    I’ve done a couple of rounds of this with single grams with greatsuccess (which resulted in the elevated cholerstol), and have now processed a 1/2 oz slab for use in my modified RSO protocol.
    My slab has been decarbed, baked with lecithin, frozen, more lecithin, baked again, etc into an 84 gram “mass” to be administered 2gms 3X a day over a 2 week period.
    It’s nothing like frozen coconut oil, it’s kind of a semi-solid shatter… Which brings me to…
    Question #2: Am I losing potential potency with this ratio? This stuff really does kick. I’m high from sucking on little viscous bits left from loosening it from the ramekin. I’ve been consuming about a gram a day on this protocol for the last 2 weeks, and this is the first time I’ve felt stoned….



  66. bill Avatar

    hi there,

    i did it exactly like you told in your article with really potent bho from amnesia core cut but there was no effect at all. (i dosed 0.05g per cookie) and i made two batches, one with and one without decarbing. both were effectless. i dont get it, whats the secret/solution to get something thats working? i made banana bread with normal cannabutter (also potent weed) but everything i make with that butter, no effekt, like my cookies i made with bho.

    when i smoke my gear, its dank.

  67. Tenderoni Avatar

    My question is more of a specific nature. have you made any time/temp adjustments for smaller batches? For me, I like to make them in small amounts so i don’t fly through them. I like to work with maybe 3-5g at a time, so i worry about your numbers being for 20-30g which would heat up slower.. etc etc.

  68. Megatron Avatar

    Where did you get the information regarding lecithin soy powder to aid absorption of THC? I’ve looked online and in drug stores, so far all I’ve gotten is that it is good for breaking down body fat, it’s good for age related memory problems, and it has a high content of vitamins. Just want to find some backing on the soy lecithin idea for scientific purposes.

  69. Megatron Avatar

    Never mind upon further research I found evidence to support the claim. It has not been specifically tested with THC, but extensive tests with curcumin, boswellia, and milk thistle did yield higher absorption rates.

  70. Jukia Avatar

    Could I make a batch of brownies and wrap them individual then take them out a few at a time, thaw then eat? Or would that effect the potency?

  71. Christine Avatar

    Made the oil with BHO did everything you said, came out unreal. What is the highest temperature that it can be used at? I don’t want to kill it and I want to cook everything with it.

  72. SuperC Avatar

    Can I use liquid lecithin? – thanks

  73. Veg SCROG Bloom Avatar
    Veg SCROG Bloom

    Thanks for all the great info I’ve been looking for a BHO recipe…. Thanks again. ..

  74. confused stoner Avatar
    confused stoner

    So, since you’re cooking the brownies in the oven with the decarbed BHO isn’t this technically over kill? Wont the BHO decarb by itself in the oven while cooking with the brownies?

  75. Dylan Avatar

    Hey there! in your recipe it doesn’t say say how much coconut oil to use with the bho. If you could Lemme know you’d be a life saver!

  76. Neel Avatar

    What’s the difference between decarbing tho bho and reclaim?

  77. chris Avatar

    I’m makin the jolly ranchers with reclaim… do I just heat up the crushed candy to hard crack stage and add it in as is or should the reclaim be mixed with something before hand

  78. Melanie :) Avatar
    Melanie 🙂

    Hello! Looking to make Canna-Cocktails (Lavander blueberry platinum kush lemonade, no alcohol just bho) by binding BHO to veggie glycerin with added soy lechitin. Is the soy lechitin liquid or powder form? Which should I use? Any other information is greatly appreciated thanks!

  79. ???? Avatar

    Hey I was just wondering the amount of brownie mix you made your 20 brownies with? Did you use just a regular box of brownies? Or two?

  80. charly wingate Avatar
    charly wingate

    The method works perfect and is so easy..i just made 24 cupcakes with 5 grams of high end kush shadder lol..just ate 3 back with a update later

  81. ???? Avatar

    how did the cupcakes go

  82. charly wingate Avatar
    charly wingate

    Well safe to say we’re the best tasting edibles I’ve made and yup I was high as fuck lmao..ate another 2 last sleep of my life

  83. Two65 Avatar

    Using flower, I use a 7g- 1/2cup of oil/butter. And the edibles come out great.

    Is there a good ratio to use with WAX? 1gram of wax = 1/2cup of oil? Is that right?

  84. Sebastion Avatar

    Stumbled upon your thread in search of a recipe to make cannabis BHO cough syrup, have you experimented with that? Almost have it perfected, but the hash isnt 100% dissolving in the mix and seperates upon contact with cold beverage to mix. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  85. Ben Avatar

    i was going to make your flower recipe for cannabutter but i wanted to add in a gram oh bho in the batch with it, any tips for me?

  86. Ben Avatar

    >>>i was going to make your flower recipe for cannabutter but i wanted to add in a gram oh bho in the batch with it, any tips for me?

    really was just wondering when to add in the wax. i planned on decarbing and melting it into the coconut oil over the stove top. then pour over the decarbed bud

  87. J Avatar

    Fantastic article. I do want to point out that during decarboxylation, at 200 degrees you start losing THC(turning to CBN) faster than you burn off those pesky COOH molecules at about 15 minutes. This is made harder to predict because your oil won’t heat up evenly the instant you put it in the oven. For this reason, I’d recommend you keep that temp and time with the caveat to rotate your BHO in the oven every 5 minutes or so to try and raise the heat very evenly.

  88. Alexander Hagen Avatar
    Alexander Hagen

    Do you think I could place the concentrate into honey, then put that in the oven and decarb the THC along with bind it to the sugars in the honey? then simply take it out, stir it, and use it in my tea and coffee and everything?

  89. Cooley Avatar

    Hi I have 2 grams of OG Kush Shatter. I wanted to make Cookies, brownies & cereal bars. Would 2 grams be enough for all 3.
    What would be the best way to decarb using butter or oil?

  90. Max G Avatar
    Max G

    My concern with this method is the part when you put the torch to the wax. So after I chilled the wax and used a fork on to get it off the silicone it crumbled up into crystals ok whatever I scooped it all up and tried to heat it up gently It melted very very easily so I think I may have melted it too quickly. Is it possible to do this method but just adding the decarbed wax and mixing it well? I think the torch part is just too risky

  91. Max G Avatar
    Max G

    Yeah I just want to know if it’s possible to do this method without the torch because I think I burned mine.

  92. PEF72 Avatar

    Ive frozen brownies in wax paper in excess of 4 months and they stayed fairly fresh tasting and potent, have you ever tried freezing them?
    You can also use the same technique in vacuum bags if you don’t want to freeze them. Makes great xmas gifts as well 🙂

  93. Anonymous


  94. Anonymous


  95. drebae Avatar

    Hey, awesome guide! I just have a few questions. I have looked through many other guides and some say they achieve the same results using soy lecithin granules. Do you have any experience using these granules and how much is needed instead of the liquid form? Also, does this recipe smell like weed at any point during the decarb or baking process? Thanks!

  96. McSteezzyy Avatar

    I have 1.5 grams of some BHO sugar crumble that has been refined into an active wax. Since it’s already activated bho shouldnt there be no need to decarb it? Since it is apparently active? I figured if i just slow cooked the bho with 1/2 cup of coconut oil in a crock pot @ 200 degrees ferenheit for 3 hours, stirring every 10 minutes and then just usuing that oil in the recipe the box calls for that it should produce some quality edibles…what do you guys think???

  97. longjohn613 Avatar

    Hi Capn,

    I know this is a really old post, but in reference to your Jolly Rancher creation, I was wondering if you’ve had any issue with the oil not mixing in to the melted Jolly Ranchers. As a test, I melted just a few jolly ranchers and added .1 g of decarbed shatter already infused into a very small amount of coconut oil. It seemed to me that the oil was not mixing in well with the candy, but was rather staying separated. I had a bit of soya lecithin on hand dissolved in water, so I poured in just a tiny bit which I hoped would act as an emulsifier. After a minute of mixing or so it seemed to have mixed in fine, but before I make a larger batch I wondered:

    A) are you mixing in the decarbed BHO in directly, or pre-mixing it in oil (I know you mentioned that you thought the oil might not mix well with the hard candy mix, so I was unclear how you mixed it in)
    B) if you had any problem with the oil not mixing in evenly, in which case do you think adding soya lecithin to the melted Jolly Ranchers before mixing in the BHO would be effective? As I said, I tried it, but only in a very small amount so I’m not super confident….

    Thanks for any help! (and if anyone else cares to chime in that would be great too!

    1. Jmystro Avatar

      FYI…The Capn is not posting or answering questions on his posts.

  98. Mene710 Avatar

    Hi Dude, thanks for video and sharing info and articles. I have a problem with my oils. Not a lot of problems making shatter and I love it. I follow gray wolf method (thin film vaccum 115f @ 29.5 hg) and sometimes I have hard shatter. My problems are when I do wax honeycomb consistency. You and other say I have to go to 135-140 f. But a that temp my oils became always liquid and it seem normal to me. What am I wrong? Here in Barcelona Spain where I live, people ask for wax or honeycomb so I have to learn that. The only time I made wax -honeycomb is when I put temp at 90-95 for many hours. Why? How I can solidify my bho? How I can have a solid products? Maybe the liquid shit I see needs to be dry at room temp? I’m in tilt and I’ m close to became crazy with those oil. Thx

  99. Bbeam4421 Avatar

    If the cocunut oil is too hot when I put the dabs in will it ruin it?

  100. Anonymous


  101. Anonymous


  102. Bruce Banner


  103. TCC Avatar


    All you have to do is follow THECAPN’s instructions to a T and you will come out with perfect product EVERY! SINGLE!! TIME!!!

    I have read over this article and the comments quite a few times and always seemed to take away something new. One of my early experiments, maybe even my 1st, I don’t remember, way back when just did not seem very potent at all and was obviously a bust. So I obviously messed up something.

    Since then I’ve made so many batches now that I can’t even keep count. I prefer micro dosing edibles to even smoking. The high is better and literally lasts for hours! A buddy of mine that has been smoking his entire life and is an old fart, doesn’t get hangovers, laughs at dabs because it doesn’t get him to where he wants to go (me either actually.) He took a 1/4 of a gram edidible bho dose by accident thinking he was taking less than 1/2 of that and said he barely made it into work THE NEXT MORNING!! That night b4 we were at dinner and when it hit him, he stood up, left his food and said: BYE. GOTTA GO. and he was gone.

    Take my word for it. Follow THECAPN’s instructions to a T and you are golden!

    I pushed myself to see how much I could take and I when I found it (the equilvant of .3 grams,) I got that holy crap feeling and said I would NEVER do that EVER again! a .1 equivalent does me good. .2 is heaven and is a pleasant kick in the tush.

    Here are a couple of tips I would like to point out to make this as simple as it gets

    Preheat over to 200 degrees
    – WARNING! my over is brand new, digital, latest features and it was months b4 I finanlly decided something was wrong in my process. But what? So I read and re-read this article and comments. I finally put an analog thermometer in the over to find out my over runs 30+ degrees hotter because of the altitude I guess. So definitely so some dry testing w/o product b4 using real actual expensive product

    20mts and then let fully cool means just that: 20 mts and let it completey cool!
    – I remember my 1st experiements and as soon as the 20mts went by, I put it on top of the stove and would open it right up and put the decarbed wax that was on parchment paper into the freezer to make the product brittle enough to work with
    – Patience is how this thing works. It can NOT be rushed!
    – Now I just let it cook for 20mts with a TIMER and then I turn off the oven
    – Then I LEAVE it in there ’til usually the next day
    – Or the evening after having put it in 1st thing that morning

    Next, just get over it and use coconut oil as your mixing base with your lecithin when dripping in the wax with the lighter
    – I turn a burner on the stove on its lowest setting
    – Next I drop in my coconut oil and let it beging to slowly melt
    – an even 1:1 mixture 1gram each of: wax, lecithin & coconut is what I like to use
    – Then mix it into your method of delivery, such as foods, drinks and etc
    – I like peanut butter
    – I will add 10grams of pb in there with it still on the stove warm, mix it up real good
    – Take off burner, keep mixing and let it thicken up a little
    – I like to put it into ecig syringes with the plastic caps on the ends
    – I use a cheap little digital scale to do perfectly accurate dosing

    Last, but not least, boy are you going to have fun mixing in the WAX into the cocunut oil. So much so that I seperated that part out of it
    – The fork was a great idea. But it sucks. The wax wants to fall off so bad and sometimes does and u have to pick it back up
    – I have found using a small, stainless steel mesh strainer is the solution to that problem
    – You’ll have some acceptable little droplets left in the strainer
    – But I mix it into a bowl of hot tea or something to ‘get it back’ so I don’t lose a drop of product to waste

    With THECAPN’s permission, I would like to take what he has done, put my additions on it and then make some even BETTER stuff available to those that want DIY information that actually works

    There is so much crap on the Internet and its everywhere: crappy forum and blog posts by people that don’t know what they are doing and posing as the real deal. There IS some good info out there. But you have to read nearly everything on the subject and watch every video to just get the basics.

    Since THECAPN’s information inspired me so much, even though I plan of creating that and many other things and breaking it down into little easy to do bites. That since one of the best finds of mine is THIS page, I wanted to put the raw skeleton of updated information directly on the original source page and give credit where credit is due. This is my way of giving back and is my gift to all of you.

    I hope you enjoyed my article! I enjoyed writing it almost as much as all of the experiments I have done to perfect it.

    If you really enjoyed this article, you can show your support by joining up to THECAPN’s monthly membership. It is only $10 a month and for it you actually get great quality information.

    I just noticed it earlier myself because I had not paid any attention to it. So I couldn’t join up fast enough. And if you have enjoyed even just this one post, I hope you are motivated to do the same. All you need to do is go up to the top of the page and you’ll find it. His payment processor is paypal. So you can pay for it with or w/o a paypal account.

    It is always a great day for me when I learn something. So I likewise wish you the best in your education process!

    Please support your favorite sources of information because they truly deserve it and need it to keep the lights on so they can see what they are typing in for us. 🙂

    Have a great 420!

  104. Karma Canna Avatar
    Karma Canna

    Great write up! As a ex chef turned grower making edibles is kinda my thing and it bugs me seeing people pass off so much bad information. Decarbing and the sunflower lectin are over looked a lot of the time and people wonder why there edibles suck. Also thank you thank you thank you for talking about dosage, IDK how many times I ask how much is in an edible and they have no idea.

    Let me explain how I get my ROUGH millagrams per.
    You have your starting product:
    Bho at 75% thc = 750 mg per gram of oil
    You use 5 grams in the batch = 3750mg total of thc
    You make 50 cookies (or whatever) = 75mg of thc per cookie

    That would be your theoritical max and what I would feel comfortable telling people is in each cookie. That being said there will be loss during decarb and while moving the hash around so it would truly be less.

  105. Kinda Thirsty Avatar
    Kinda Thirsty

    This is an interesting topic. I like edibles, but mostly I make them for my wife who has really bad insomnia.

    When I lived in South Denver, I used to buy the “shake and bake” that my dispensary had. (60 bux an ounce on Mondays lol)

    So I would get 2 ounces, and of course decarb in a closed dish in the oven @190 degrees for an hour. Then combine with 6 cups of coconut oil and gently heat on stove top for 4 hours.

    I used the Duncan Hines brownie mix which called for 1/2 cup oil. Dunno what the dosage is, but they are the head knockers.

    I learned to make edibles back in the day using information from a user named “Bad Kitty Smiles” on rollitup or one of those. The only thing I used to do that I don’t do any more is add soy lecithin. Anyone else use lecithin or not.. and why?

  106. TCC Avatar

    @Karma Canna Thank you very much for your reply as well! I really enjoyed it. I loved your break down below:

    “Let me explain how I get my ROUGH millagrams per.
    You have your starting product:
    Bho at 75% thc = 750 mg per gram of oil
    You use 5 grams in the batch = 3750mg total of thc
    You make 50 cookies (or whatever) = 75mg of thc per cookie”

    You want to hear something funny?

    I did not even see the 5g of bho right away because I was looking at the 50 so dang hard! And I was like, I must b doing something wrong or this guy is really pulling my leg hard here! LOL

    Then I seen your 5 grams of bho measurement That is a great formula you have there. Nice and simple, I like it, and is congruent with what I have found as well, just w/o the #’ you have there. Thank you for that breakdown. I’ve seen these crazy formulas out there. I can’t waste any good brain cells on thinking. haha. I need simple! 🙂

    Breaking it down into what I have tested and with what you have tested, we are right there at the same exact place.

    Simplifying your break down into my logic (which I have to do to really grasp it and make it work for me,) here is the same thing:

    – Bho at 75% thc = 750 mg of thc per gram of oil
    – You make 10 cookies (or whatever) = 75mg of thc per cookie”

    So, in your cookie example, 2 of those kicks my butt rather nicely for hours and hours! My favorite thing is to dose, go get something to eat and time it at least 2hrs after dosing. I couldn’t believe how much eating really makes a difference.

    Thank you again @Karma Canna for your feedback

  107. TCC Avatar

    Favorite thing was the movies

  108. TCC Avatar


    You are not going to believe this. I really did make an amazing discovery this week. Two of them actually.

    The 1st one is something I do not know any of the science behind. And I do not know if it helped or not. I followed THECAPN’s exact notes for putting the bho in the oven at 200 degrees for 20mts, and then letting it stay in there and cool. I found instead of trying to force it, I like to leave it in there over night, or do 1st thing in the morning so it is ready in the evening to finish preparing.

    Well guess what I did by mistake? After the 1 gram of bho had been in the oven at 200 degrees for 20mts and the timer went off, I went into the kitchen and turned off the oven so it could sit over night. Or at least I thought I turned it off! For the 1st time ever, I thought I had turned off the stove. But what I actually did was only turn off the time. So when I go to the kitchen the next day, the oven is STILL on!

    I wanted to post in here and ask if this had happened to other members and what to expect. But I decided not to, and that it was probably best to continue on with the experiment and sees what happened. I figured worse case, it was a bust and I had wasted a whole gram. We will have to pick up on this later because if this was the only change, then I would be able to tell you exactly what happen where there was only one change. But there was two.

    I have to tell you what else happened before I tell you the GREAT news of the results of that experiment! And believe me! This is really great news!!!

    After reading & experimenting with what I feel like is the entire Internet, I found THECAPN’s posts here and I read and read and read this page until I felt like I had it down pat. Tried it. And then was not getting the same results as THECAPN.

    I had looked at his recipe instructions so many times that I knew I had it right. So I chalked it up with not getting the same yield effect as THECAPN because I deduced the quality of my wax just wasn’t as good as THECAPN. Didn’t make sense if it was bho. But I was was just having to double dose the THECAPN’s dosage to match his. And life was fine and I was not bent at all about it. That was my normal.

    He said a .1 gram bho dosage gets him just where he is wanting to go. For all previous testing for me, my sweet spot is between a .15 and .2 gram. I was fine with that! Holy crap kind of stuff for me! I felt like I had finally ‘broke the code.’ LOL

    It turned out the teacher had not finished teaching his eager student.

    In the meantime, I happen to be looking back over this page because it has my favorite information on it. And I make an extremely startling discovery!

    Somehow along the way I managed to leave out a portion of the ingredients. Here is THECAPN’s list below:

    Ingredients needed:
    1gr BHO
    2 teaspoons soy lecithin
    coconut oil (better choice), or butter (use the amount called for in your recipe)

    And here is my list:

    Ingredients needed:
    1gr BHO
    1 teaspoon soy lecithin
    coconut oil

    As soon as I seen that, I started laughing out loud wondering how in the world I could have missed that. So I had to of course make the correction. But now, there were TWO HUGE CHANGES!

    I did the same mix as above with 10 grams of peanut butter mixed up real good on the stove at the lowest setting just to mix it up real good and then took it off to cool. I BARELY got it to pull in the 12 gram ecig syringe. I really wish I knew a way to put it in a capsule or something. I need to find out about that next.

    I of course wanted to take a nice .2 grams (2 grams with peanut butter.) But I said eh, let me try just one gram. Thinking it would be a waste, but worth the test, so I took the .1 gram of bho dosage (1 gram with the peanut butter.) I grabbed something to eat and it wasn’t long, not even 30 mts (usually takes me just a tad bit over 2hrs most times) and I could feel it.

    An hour went by and I was like, OMG!!!!!! Those two changes literally DOUBLED MY YIELD! MY EFFECT! And not only that, it is SO good that I am actually wanting to try a 1/2 a dose (.05 gram bho dosage, .5 gram with peanut butter) just to be able to compare the two dosages apart from each other.

    The only problem with that is, It is so good, that I do not want to go lower!

    I have truly found the holy grail and it is ALL because of THECAPN!

    @THECAPN: I would like to truly tell you “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart!

    Now folks, I have got to tell you something. This stuff is SO good, that if I need to get something done and have some real focus, I skip it altogether that day. This thing literally lasts 5-6 hours. At 4hrs in, I am in complete amazement! It is the best, longest cannabis high I have ever had in my entire frigging life and I’m and old fart! LOL!

    I don’t even like to smoke any more. I just like the pb edible and take it once I have gotten home in the evening. I took my 1.0 gram with bho and peanut butter 2 hours ago and I feel like I am on a space ride. Very relaxed. Yet energetic enough to want to come to the computer for the sole reason of reporting back what I have found.

    Idk about you guys, but this is very apparently a big deal for me. If YOU follow these exact instructions, you too will get these exact results.

    THECAPN said to follow the recipe to the EXACT letter. I did not and now I look at all of the mistakes I’ve made for so long because of that ONE tiny little detail. Well that and the fact I left it in the over at 200 degrees for 12-13hrs or so. Who knows if that had an effect or not.

    I am set here for a while dosage wise. But what I will take and do is on the next gram I get, I will do a split test, with the ONLY difference being test (A) will be in the oven for 2 hrs and then turned off. Then test (B) will be with the oven staying on for 12 hrs. I’ll use a 1/2 gram of bho for each one.

    I will bring back the results. But please be patient. I am real busy with work and all right now. I still have plenty left, and I don’t take it but every 2-3 days a part from each other. I really seem to enjoy the whole experience by doing it that way too.

    It might be a month or two, but I will report back.

  109. lowkey12300 Avatar

    I don’t think you need to do your decarb step if you have vacuum purged BHO…?

  110. noworrez Avatar

    Just found this yesterday and made some Ganja Joys.
    The simplest one I found as I like simple. If we are not suppose to post links in here, please delete and accept my apology.

    I don’t partake much but my wife does so I’m always looking for new ways as I enjoy the creation part. Having said that, if you follow this post it is a no brainer. As @THECAPN says, make your butter, oil whatever then just follow the recipe. I’ve made tinctures, gummies, butter for cookies and brownies, but never anything with concentrate. So I head down to my local shop and tell the guy what I want to do,,,,,should I use wax? Shatter? BHO? Well he shook his head and said follow me. Over to the glass case we go and out of it he pulls a Two Heads Co. Fly higher Dab Syringe. What is so special about this….it is already activated! Yep, no decarg necessary, no messing up the time or heat, no wondering did I do it correctly, no worries! So I got it home and all set up, heated my coconut oil up, heated the syringe and squeezed the golden goodness into the oil and mixed. Now, for the first time I decided to go lighter (1/2 gram) since you can always eat more and I figured if I messed this up, I’m only out $25 for the 0.5 gram.

    Here are the numbers:

    Total THC 92.38% so move the decimal to the right 1 place and you have 923mg of THC per gram.
    Divide that by 2 (remember we are only using 1/2 gram) which gives me roughly 462mg of THC.
    Divide that by the servings the recipe says it will make…in this case….24. So 462/24 is roughly 20mg per serving.

    Of course this will vary slightly as some bars will be a little bigger than others but damn close. Since my wife was upstairs working, I had to make the sacrifice and try one. I had to make sure they work, and how accurate before I gave a couple to my wife’s friend that was stopping by. Wow, did they ever. Nice and slow ramp up in the head. At about 2 hours the body was nicely numb and light, and about 7 hours later time for bed and still nicely buzzed.
    Anyway, I rarely post anywhere but have to say thanks to @THECAPN for the information and keeping it simple. There is so much misinformation out there, but here it is spot on.

  111. AzraDBkr Avatar

    With making baked goods should one use a liquid or a powder form of Soy Lecithin? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  112. Nodnarb Avatar

    Doesn’t matter. It will emulsify either way with the fat you’re infusing. I pretty much only use the powdered soy lecithin because that’s what easiest for me to access but I’ve done it with both liquid and powder, soy and sunflower. I’d recommend sun flower over soy however because it makes it even more bio available to you, it’s just alot more expensive

  113. PortlandPurp


  114. kiahbby420 Avatar

    I’m wanting to make jolly rancher hard candies with BHO. I’ve went and bought 4 bags of jolly ranchers and I have 1 gram of bho. What exactly do I need to do?

  115. maryjanathaastoner Avatar

    can i use step 2 for making gummy’s

  116. propanetorch Avatar

    Yo I used 1g of wax decarbed it for 25minutes let it cool and then heated up my coconut oil and then let the oil mix into it by just swishing it around

    I put the oil in capsules 10 to be exact for .1 dose each. I took one an hour and a half ago with a small PB sandwich to get my digestion started

    Any idea what I did wrong?

  117. propanetorch Avatar

    20 minutes not 25 and it was live resin not shatter so does that make any difference?

  118. skippy12094 Avatar

    Hey everyone…. been searching forever and cant find the right info I need. If I have 1gm of 89% wax… thos is about 890mg. If I want to make gummies, lets say 20 for an easy number… I need to divide 890/20=44.5 (crazy high dose but thos is an example)… i want to infuse the wax with coconut oil. How much oil do I need to infuse and what size gummie molds do I need to find to make it so each gummies is 10mg? Can anyone explain this in laymens terms? I have almost 1gm that keeps asking me to make it into gummies hahaha


  119. Aarronl Avatar

    I’m guessing this is right but I just need to ask to make sure I understand everything so after you Decarb the wax(BHO) at 200°F for 20 minutes in the amount of oil or butter the recipe says to use then after u decarb the wax u just add it to ur brownie mix and cook the brownies?

  120. dunderbrain Avatar

    This is fucking amateur hour 😂😂😂 wtf use a fork and lighter? What year is this?

  121. wickesclownz Avatar

    this is to the mad dabber!!
    I decarb my bho in an ardent Nova and I must be doing something wrong because I ate 14 grams of raspberry kush bho in 1 days time eaten with just letting the decarbed product dissolve under my tongue I have tried eating a heaping spoonful of 17g per serving of fat peanut butter and it not only didn’t touch any of the pain I am in but it didn’t even get me high I used the higher end regulator bho any advice my phone number is 5092635464 if you could help me out with any advice it would be amazing.. I’m a COPD patient so I really need to quite smoking but because I decided to put myself through medical detox so that I could in hopes get the help I really need and all it did was close any chance of getting a kind of pain relief which my C2and C3 vertebrae are collapsed on one side please any help would be appreciated thank you

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