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HPS and LED? Same time same place?

I am in a situation where I have decided to veg a little bit longer after taking Clone’s. My question is since I’m already in the flower room under HPS, can I just add some LED lights to help cover the span of time they need for vegetation? I don’t want to run my HPS for 18 hours. And my plants don’t like it either. So I’m thinking about sneak in in this for. 400 white white LED from Sun King, and this other one that Scotty gave me. I don’t really know what it is to be honest. Would it be better to use the LED at the beginning or at the end? I am going to want to turn off all of my HPS unfortunately at the same time because that’s how my controllers and timers work. I would like to checkerboard it but… I can’t with my current situation. So I am thinking either start the day for a few hours with LED or finish the day with LEDs? The picture is of the lights Scotty gave me.


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    Where are the light nerds? Mystro, We cannot exist without you.

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