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Insulation foam board construction

Insulation, insulation insulation! Insulation foam boards are super handy to tack together to build separate rooms or smaller cloning boxes. Sometimes I don’t want a light on 24 hours in my vegetations room. But my shop is a little too chilly. So I just build a box with golf tees and foam board. just use it like a nail. The way that it shaped is wonderful for tacking together foam board. it stays lodged in well enough for temporary. If you are going to have the room or box more permanent then you tape the seams also. You can configure anything you want. Do you want to isolate clones? Do you want to isolate Mom’s? Do you want to finally find of use for all those? golf tees that you bought when you played golf that one time? I especially like when I find scraps of foam board at construction sites. Or at habitat for humanity. Never miss a chance to grab a piece of foam board if it’s free!


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