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Keeping cuttings small for small perpetual setup

I was listening to one of the recent shows and people were having issues with keeping the cuttings from getting too big before they were ready for them in the flower tent as they were taking the cuttings from the plants before flipping. I wanted to share my solution to this that has greatly improved my game and its the simplest thing in the world to me.  I simply take a 1 quart plastic cup. Dump a half a bottle of water in it, just regular purified bottle water.  I take my cuttings and clean them up as I normally would and just plop them all in that cup together.  I then put it in my veg under another plant or a good distance from the light.. for this step you don’t want a lot of light… its pretty shaded under the plants. I have also done this under no lights just sitting in the room.  Anyways… I just leave them there and keep the water at a inch or two to make sure they don’t wilt.  I have found that more often than not over the next month or so these cuttings will start developing roots.. Last time I did this I did it as an experiment and took about 15 or 20 cuts. Out of those 2 didn’t root and I simply tossed them. I also experimented by taking cuts that were already topped and split. I got roots on these too.

So when I do this at about the 4 or 5 week mark you have roots on your cuttings maybe earlier… once some start the others seem to I don’t know if they release auxins or something that help the rest root but it generally does. I have found that even if they don’t root that you can simply recut the base and still do it as a normal cut and it takes just as readily as fresh almost when doing it more traditionally.  This has really helped me keep them the right size the last few times around.  As they are basically just sitting in that water on pause until you are ready to use them.

Scotty is doing similar with the aero cloner but I know that everyone doesn’t have one of those and this is a simple way anyone can do pretty much the same thing with a cup of water.  That said I do not change the water.. only add more to it.. I normally wouldn’t use bottled water but it gave me my first roots this way so why mess with success. I have some photos. The greener cuts that have roots were taken approx 6 weeks before the photo.. The purple, more woody ones were plopped in there about 5 weeks in as an experiment.    Anyways this is my simple method of keeping them paused till they are needed. I have actually done a lot of neat experiments in regard to this.  I have found they will even readily root after wilting even at times.. I have taken tiny little cuts barely an inch long and rooted them in tiny little containers like the cap off my wives’ hairspray that is smaller than a 5ml test tube. I have also rooted tiny ones in a 5ml graduated cylinder I use to measure nutes.  Hardest thing about that is keeping it filled… It works though the plant is much more resilient than a lot of people think.  I found it pretty neat you could root tiny tiny little cuttings in tiny tiny containers like that.  I mean its basically a method for miniaturizing your veg area if you wanted.

I don’t know its probably been discussed many times. I haven’t been able to get on the site much. Just wanted to share as being able to put them on pause is pretty handy. I would really love to learn to tissue culture them. would be awesome to keep your genetics on a shelf in a tiny little jar in living form.


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