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Lake water for my grow?

There is a small lake on the property and just beyond that is a decent creek. Last season I used the creek water on my outdoor garden. The plants in the ground seemed to love it but the plants in pots were not happy. Anyway my question is what about using the lake water? It’s good clean water. No motor boats, Only canoes. And it’s fed from a mountain spring. Are there good microbes in there? Or maybe bad ones I don’t want? Would they just add to the Recharge microbes? There is also a lot of farming in my area and I imagine a lot of water runoff ends up in the creek. Maybe that’s why it hurt my potted plants. Should I be using these water sources at all?


2 responses to “Lake water for my grow?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    The water should be perfectly fine to use as long as there’s no source of pollutants near by.

    1. Terpking Avatar

      Thanks for the advice man. You really help a lot of people by sharing what you know. It’s very much appreciated

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