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Lime green leaves mid flower Normal or paranoid

Hey dudes,

Need a little help, u guys got the knowledge… 3 different strains #45, chem 4 x chocolate thai and blue dream. Beginning of week 6 flower in 5 gallon grow bags FF ocean forest, using mother earth dry amendments and teas as well as light botanicare soil bloom formula. Day temp 77 to 80 night 70 to 72. Rh 50 to 62. Under 2 300 watt es300 leds by green sunshine company.  About 20 in from canopy.

Now to me the 3 plants fan leaves and some of the smaller leaves are looking lime green. I know they fade naturally at the end of flower but these just look too light green and purple-red petioles. Am I paranoid or is their a deficiency going on sulfur? Thanks for all the help.


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  1. Burner Herzog Avatar

    The main thing to remember is if the leaves are a uniform color that isnt a healthy green its micronutrients (sulfur etc) or general soil conditions (pH). If the leaves have green veins and pale leaf bodies, non-uniform color, the plant is lacking N P or K and the uneveness is from the plant redistributing where its scarce resources are used.

    1. Burner Herzog Avatar

      That yellowing is pretty common with container plants, even more common with a plant like cannabis or sweet corn…cannabis and corn will both use almost all the light they get in a day so constant use of nutrients…you grow a lettuce in a bucket and that plant passes out four hours into the day and stops using nutrients…youll never see it develop in a lettuce.

      Get some epsom salt and water with that (half strength), if it doesn’t start to change the color than id assume its pH and if its pH i assume its a non issue. Heresy, I know.

      1. COSGrow618 Avatar

        You could always do a compost , worm castings and langbonite tea if sulfur is what your after. Sulfur also allows your plant to express its full terp potential. I’ve grown a side by side with one that got that tea recipe through flower and one that did not. I could blind fold you give you both and you wouldn’t believe their both the same strain. Crazy how something so small could help. Now I don’t know if that’s the answer to your Issue but just giving a source of sulfur for ya more or less.

  2. Highnstein Avatar

    Definitely deficient. Nitrogen progresses from the bottom up so to see the yellowing so evenly spread is the only factor stopping me from saying its N deficient. One thing is for sure, I would make a tea or something that can immediately available to the plant. Idk if recharge would work so far along but it wouldn’t hurt either. hopefully some other DGC members chop in here for some quick help but I’ll do some reading and get back to you. Hopefully with a better understanding of what’s happening with your plant. I will say tho, she doesnt look to bothered but shes definitely asking for something. I think you’ll be fine if uts resolved in a timely manner

  3. SunnyinBectopia Avatar

    I’m with the tea idea. I definitely would not throw nitrogen at it now though. You may get green buds but from my experience you get lots of unwanted taste, smell and new growth.

  4. Kamakazi UFO Avatar
    Kamakazi UFO

    i think youre killing them with love. some mild tip burn on a few leaves. hard to see from that far away.

    when i tried dry amendments with a bloom formula i had ALOT of issues. you have to make sure that the liquid nutes arent going to lock out your soil. usually the different types of calcium and potassium and phosphorous dont jive well together and end up making alot of your $ not available to the plant.

    i had probably the same thought as you, “dry for a base to make sure they got everything they need, liquid to boost them up” but sadly you have to do some science to ensure your products are gonna work together. too much science for me at this point, so i took the advice to stay in one nutrient line for the time being. you can add lots of different dry amendments together but liquid nutrients are ionically different and elements love to bind together.

    the tea idea might help if you load it with earthworm castings and other good microbe sources to help them mine whats left in the media. if it were me i would probably do a decent flush, then wait til they need watered again and do the tea, then water with plain water for a week or so and let them ride. seems like youre in the last few weeks of flower so dont overdo the tea if youre going to do it.

    1. DrTriptone Avatar

      Thank you. Your comment is 100 percent spot on. Itvwas a sulfer deficiency but I believe caused by the dry and liquid nutes locking out micro nutrients… Appreciate the knowledge…..

  5. Burner Herzog Avatar

    First off being six weeks in to flower i wouldnt do too much but chances are with assumed 8 weeks of veg and 6 of flower you’re over 90 days you’ve sucked all the sulfur out…sulfur allows chlorophyll to be produced so theres the uniform yellowing…your tea probably has NPK covered but no mineral content…espom salt is magnesium sulfate so add some water and pour it on

    1. Burner Herzog Avatar

      older leaves remaining green is almost a guarantee of sulfur

      1. Chad.Westport Avatar

        Thanks man, learnt me something 😉

  6. DTOM420 Avatar

    Burner Herzog is spot-on! 👊😉

  7. SCdungslinger79 Avatar

    Makes perfect sense love to learn new things here. Thanks

  8. GunnerV Avatar

    I went through the exact same thing. Mine was PH relative. Slurry test showed PH over 7.6.. she was locked out.

    I flushed it and then gave her a single gallon with my normal liquid nutes with recharge and molasses. She improved almost immediately (2 days) — but I was earlier in flower.

    1. MidMoGrowShow Avatar

      I agree with Gunner do a soil slurry and then you at least will know you soil PPMs and your PH….then you know what PH you need to water in at to help balance I would say PH is outta balance

  9. Trim Fingered Avatar
    Trim Fingered

    Im a total newb and my plant just did that same thing. it’s in week 2 🙁

    Ph was 7.3 so I watered in at 5.8 with recharge and its now at 6.5 but that was earlier today so it may change again.

    your plants look much better than mine. Good luck, Herzog is the king.

  10. J.R. Avatar

    Your post was featured on episode 1103! Thanks for your support!

  11. DrTriptone Avatar

    Thank you everyone for the help. It turned out the guys were right it was a sulfer deficiency. It started affecting all the leaves at once. I should have said that. Nitrogen works its way up the plant this happened over a few weeks to the whole plant. I flushed her and added balanced nutes and had a great harvest today..
    Love the show

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