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Long term storage

What up Y’all.  Been busy with moving the past few months, but I have a question that I know has been asked in the past, but curious about any updated information. I can’t grow at my new house, but had a dedicated room at the old place so really stocked up.  I’ve got a lot of flower I’d like to smoke on for over a year. Currently I have it all in nitrogen purged mason jars with boost packs, stored in a wine fridge at 50ish degrees and 50%ish humidity as well. I’m just looking for info from those who have done this sort of long-term storage vs what people have read on the internet, I’ve done enough of that lol. I had it perfectly dried and cured before jarring it up and putting it in the fridge. I’ve got a lot of ethanol extract already so hoping to just get the flower to last for a while, otherwise more extract I guess!


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    With nitrogen purged mason jars I’d ditch the boost packs. They’re really unnecessary for long term storage. Under the conditions you mentioned, the bud could (strain dependent) stay fairly fresh for well over a year. Terpenes are solvents and depending on temperature, they’ll interact with and break down the cannabinoids over time. I had to do a few years before I joined the DGC in 2014. My last harvest from another spot that wasn’t raided was stored for me for almost 3 years. It’s the first bud of mine Scotty ever smoked the first time we met at his bamboo nursery and it’s how my hero buddy got his nickname 3yearcure. I told Scotty it had been stored for 3 years and he still thought it was dank.

  2. The Blazed Beaver Avatar

    Good to hear! I can’t pull the boost packs now as I don’t have more nitrogen to purge again so I’ll take my chances and let em ride.

    Any concerns about the temp in the 50 range? I could freeze but know the quality would degrade for certain then.


    1. J Mystro Avatar

      As long as you don’t freeze the flower you’re good. I’d keep it as cold as possible. High 30’s to low 40’s is perfect.

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