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Mephisto Grow & Holding down the Spotify fort!

What is up errbody! I wanted to share my grow bucket/ grow dots grow! I’ve got a Mephisto’s Wedding and Mephisto’s Iced N’ Baked coming close to the end. I used 45g of Grow Dots in Fox Farm Coco Loco for each and they were both topped once. I’ve been using this grow style for over a year after Scotty talked about how easy it was. And guess what? It’s soooo easy!! Can I even say I grow weed anymore if they’re growing themselves? They’re growing under 200w of led and these pics are from day 59 from sprout.

Thanks for great content guys, happy to be a supporter!! Spotify tells me I’m in the top 0.5% of listeners (shameless brag) and I believe it!


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  1. A.a.ron Avatar

    Mephisto autos are the truth! Those look like some top notch nugs

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