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Mixing vs. Layering Happy Frog and Ocean Forest

Hey guys!
Thank you for all that you guys do for the community, the passion and expertise you guys share definitely motivated me and I’m sure many others to get to growing. I have decided to use both happy frog and ocean forest for a couple of healthy seedlings ready for transplant. I had been using some homemade soil but had some issues initially with the pH so was going to try the fox farm happy frog and ocean forest. My idea was to fill the bottom of a 5 gallon fabric pot with the ocean forest and then fill the top with happy frog. I was figuring the happy frog would be best for the little guys until the roots grow down to the ocean forest layer. Does this make sense or should I just mix the soil to a homogenized mix? Your input would be appreciated!


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  1. StonedTroutBum Avatar

    With those sized plants, I’d go straight to FFOF. Since it already has a decent amount of perlite, I’d only add 1/8 soil volume of extra perlite.

    What light are you running?

  2. JustCoolin Avatar

    Layering can lead to different ph zones as well. Not to mention layering will have different nutrient ratios as well. If you plan on feeding with fertilizer then mix them together otherwise just use the ocean forest as mentioned above as they claim it can last up to a month without needing to feed.

  3. GodfatherKush505 Avatar

    I would mix those two you have and put that mix in 2/3s of whatever pot you are using and get Light Warrior to top the rest of it off to plant in. I think you would be okay not layering light warrior and just mixing what you have but if you are worried about the heat of the soil then yes go get the Light Warrior for seeds and seedlings. I wouldn’t layer the happy frog and ocean forest because the peat and coco will create two separate root zones as far as wet and dry. Mixing the two would create a nice even blend and keep your soil evenly moist.
    Growers Love

  4. AsmoGrows Avatar

    Shades of Poundhouse…

  5. AsmoGrows Avatar

    I use a paint mixer and a drill to mix soil in totes, the shaping fire podcast on geomimicry has me thinking this might be a good idea if done correctly. I need to relisten to it to give better input but the idea was a properly formed container cannot be overwatered.

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