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Need help before flipping to flower

This is my first photo run indoor and I’m ready to flip to flower but before I do I need to address what looks like an iron deficiency but also like some light bleaching. I just installed a viparspectra 400 watt in my 2×4 it’s dialed down to 50% down from 75% to see if that would help and also raised it up 18 inches off the ladies. Using Remo grow, Recharge and calimagic. There in fox farm ocean forest watering in @ 6.5 pH, water temp 68f. Room temperature lights on 75 to 78f lights off 58 to 65f. I just installed a radiator heater in the lung room to help bring those temps up. humidity 58 to 65%. Any guidance here would be much appreciated.


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  1. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Definitely the light. (I know that look)

    Both the change in spectrum but more importantly intensity.

    Water in some epsome salts 1table spoon per gallon if your not using a mag (calmag 🤣)

    I like to set my lights high. Match ppfd from my veg (shout out Photone app) and then turn the light up while always the same height, one click or incremental week by week to 90% in flower.

  2. Higherdayz Avatar

    Thanks I was really hoping it was just a light issue. I have it pulled up as high as I can now with It dialed down to 50%. I will give them some Epsom salts tonight it’s been about a month since I gave them any. I have been adding calmag at 1tsp per gal once a week for there size maybe it’s not enough. I’ve been growing autos for the past 4 years just learning how to get the photos dialed in. Appreciate the advice.

  3. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Best of luck. They should bounce back. I do really recommend the Photone app , and it’s free, if your moving from a veg led to flower led you can at a minimum match up your ppfd numbers. Photos are more forgiving and you can veg another week and get the pace back to a run before flipping to flower.

  4. Higherdayz Avatar

    After 2 days they look amazing. I’m at 500 ppfd now and I fed them 2tsp per gallon of some Espsom salts. The tent is all cleaned up and scrooged. I plan to flip to flower on Sunday. Thanks for the help

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