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No Smell Cannabutter

Hey guys! I thought I would share how I make canna caps without smelling up the house.  This will be especially helpful for those of you who need discretion. I am a baker by trade, so most people won’t have everything I am using, but there are some ways around it.

First thing I do is get a 1/3 pound of high quality European butter. You will want the highest fat content you can find. Clarify the butter by dicing it into chunks and slowly melting it on the stove top. As it bubbles slowly you will notice a white film on top. Using a spoon gently scoop off these milk fats until the butter is clear but not browning.

Next use a coffee grinder to chop up your bud or trim. To make potent caps I use 1/2 oz bud to 1/3 cup clarified butter.

If you have a vacuum sealer this is when you will vac seal the herb. If you don’t have one you can get by with a heavy freezer zip bag and boiling water. To do this put the herb in the bag and zip it closed except for the last inch. Slowly lower the bag into the water. The pressure of the water will force the air out of the bag. When the bags gets almost fully submerged zip it closed the rest of the way.

Next step is to set a sous vide to 200 degrees. If you don’t have a sous vide machine you can get by with a candy thermometer and a pot of water. Just get the water as close to 200 degrees as possible. Put the vac sealed herb in the 200 degree water for 90 minutes.

After the bud has decarbed take it out of the bag and add it along with the clarified butter to a small mason jar. Put the jar back into the the 200 degree water and let it go for 3.5 hours.

After it is done cooking let it cool down but not harden. At this point I will strain with cheese cloth and squeeze with a hand held fruit juicer.

Voila! You just made canna butter without smelling up the neighborhood!

I use a small child medicine syringe to fill size OO gelatine caps. Store in the fridge.

I have tinkered around with different times and temps at least a couple dozen times over the years. This is the best time/temp ratio I have found. There are quite a few steps here, so please feel free to ask any questions.

Grow on!



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  1. beast_in_the_east Avatar

    This is a really innovative method, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try this out. I love how you’re moving skills from another craft into cannabis.

  2. Ozark Hill Person Avatar

    Thanks for the comment, beast in the east! A sous vide is new to a lot of people, but you can pick a decent one up on Amazon for $80. Great to have in the kitchen. Pack a bag of ribs before you leave for work in the morning, and when you get home pull them out and char on your super hot grill for 5 minutes. Can’t go wrong. If people seem to like this post I plan on adding a lot of the baking recipes I do with canna butter.

  3. mastapee Avatar

    Great write up thank you! These sound great for travelling the unfriendly skys 🙂 Please post more I’m just now getting into making edibles without just wasting all my bud which is what I did before the DGC!

  4. Nodnarb Avatar

    This is exactly what I do too.
    I’m a exec chef during the day and love incorporating my career with cannabis.
    I’m more for savory dishes then sweets. For whatever reason I can’t stand the taste of cannabis in desserts. Baklava is about the only thing I can handle lol
    But incorporating it in with some surf and turf or some other main dish, is what I like doing.
    I have tons of recipes written down too that I’ve done, it be fun to collaborate with you.
    Also, it’s great seeing someone else utilizing a sous vide in this way. It definitely makes for a dummy proof method that is close to scent less.
    Peace and cook on

  5. Kinda Thirsty Avatar
    Kinda Thirsty

    Fascinating method..

    Thank you Ozark

  6. Ozark Hill Person Avatar

    For sure Nobnard! That sounds good. I also don’t too many really sweet things with cannabis. I have had some disasters! French macarons with cannabis italian butter cream filling. Horrible! I don’t find the cannabis taste and a lot of refined sugar to be a good combo. If I’m doing sweet I will usually use fruit as the sweetener.

  7. OG LABS Avatar

    Thanx for the info

  8. Anonymous


  9. neofawkes Avatar

    How many pills does on 1/3 cup batch make and what is the THC content of each pill?

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