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Oahu/Kauai vaca!

Yoooo DGC! I live in Denver but will be visiting beautiful Oahu/Kauai next month really can’t wait! Last time I was there I got my hands on some fire Kauai Electric and GDP it was some epic herb! I am a home grower and would love to find some island DGC fire while on the trip or places to find local seeds to bring back and grow! Love the show and community thanks for all you do!


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  1. Paka Avatar

    Just grew some powerline (kauai electric bx) from 808 genetics turned out great 9 weeks in flower.
    If you like hiking Sleeping giant is a great trail from wailua to Kapaa and not too difficult. No waterfalls just a great View at the top of the hill.

  2. Terp Lord Avatar

    Thanks for the advice Paka! We might just have to hike that one of the days. Last time I was there we did the Nā Pali Coast hike to a really nice secluded beach then another few miles in to a beautiful waterfall. It was a beast of a hike but so worth it! This time will be doing some deep sea fishing, shark cage diving, and catching the MayJah RayJah fest headlined by SOJA on Oahu will only be on Kauai a few days so a short hike is definitely on the list! Also thanks for the 808 genetics feedback. Ever since that trip to Kauai I’ve tried to get my hands on real Kauai electric beans and it’s been difficult for sure. Got ripped off from pua mana seeds paid for packs and never got anything I ordered after I saw tons of other people having the same issue with them. Then I saw a bunch about how 808 is not authentic Hawaii genetics so was scared away I will probably give them a try now I trust the DGC feedback. I currently have 6 Kauai electric regs in 1 gals from ocean grown genetics preservation line I’m really excited and if I get anything close to what I smoked back then I’ll be thrilled. Definitely plan on hitting up some farmers markets and vendors in hopes to see some seeds for sale on someone’s table. Any and all advice is welcome I appreciate you reaching out!

    1. Paka Avatar

      Please post the outcome on the kauai electric just curious if it is like sweet mango a little pineapple with a touch of skunk. Going to the DGC Cup? If so see ya there.

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