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Over/under watering?


I’m having some trouble with my grow. The seed was popped on 1/18 in buildasoil heady start seedling mix. 2/19 I transplanted from the starting container (solo cup) to an earth box with 3.0 soil. I water in Recharge, rootwise, aloe, and buildasoil big 6 once a week then, plain water as needed. I started to notice some yellowing and tacoing leaves so I thought it was over/under watering problems which it could be as this is my first grow is soil and not coco. She should have everything she needs to be thriving but she’s not. I followed Jeremy’s plan for transplanting into a earthbox or continuing to top water until the plant adjusts to the new container and can drink from the reservoir. Yesterday, 2/28, was the first day I fill the reservoir actually and I am hoping that can eliminate my watering problems. It should be noted, I never over Saturdays the media following less than the 10% water to soil recommendations. Also, the environment is pretty much dialed in at daytime temps 80-82 humidity 65-70% night time just has a 10 degree difference so it drops to 70-73.  I’m thinking probably under watered? If I pickup a handful of soil and squeeze it my hand is barely wet. What are y’alls thoughts?


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  1. Soup Avatar

    Yeah I’d fill up the rez. Could be too dry. I’d start there and if that doesnt help you can re-diagnose from there.

    I dunno what BAS recommends, but I grow with a similar system and I always fill the reservoir up right away after I add plants. The soil should wick enough to keep the rest of the container somewhat saturated, even when the plant doesnt have roots down into the rez. Its good to top water them right after transplant, but you also want to fill the res pretty quickly to get that wicking going.

    1. Hushgardens Avatar

      Hey Soup, I feel like that’s what’s going on. I’ll go with your advice with filling the reservoir right after transplant. I’ll let ya know if she bounces. Hopefully soon.

      Thanks for the response!

  2. NayHay Avatar

    I’d consider dimming the light a bit to help it through the stress. The curl of the leaves make me think calcium uptake, but the colors look like magnesium deficiency, so I’d consider lowering humidity a bit for more water transpiration (more calcium uptake) and spraying weak epsom salt foliar to boost magnesium.

    1. Hushgardens Avatar

      Awesome! I did forget to mention the light but it was high enough and ppfd was in the 400’s. Either way, she still ain’t happy so I’ll raise the lights all the way and try the foliar spray.


  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    400 really seems like the max my vegetative plants want without showing irritation. I bet, raising the lights a bit will help. Sometimes I like to just let the whole room go to bed after I transplant until the next cycle. They seem to like resting while they figure out their new place.

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