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Parmesan from Victory Seeds

This loud pheno is my keeper so far, only did a mini hunt with 3beans as a test to se what it was. Smallest, fastest, hardest flowers was the winner, as so often the case. Very firm flowers compared to the other 2 and started to put on trichomes way faster. The other 2 hade more of the giant “sativa-ish” morphology and flower structure but the same beautiful smell. Kept one of that to, just in case the massive “sativa-ish” one translate the smell to flavor better. This one tho has the flower structure that I want for smoking as flower. If she doesn’t taste as good as she smells then maybe the big yield one will, in that case this one will get scrapped and the big “sativa” one will get saved for me to do a concentrate on and keep popping more of them to find a hard nug pheno sense just by looking on them i can se that the big sativa ones will not be funny to trim compared to this one. All 3 was easy, no fuss growers. This pheno only needed 1 scrog as support and the other 2 needed 1 scrog but jojo’s on the main bunch of tops. About to start trim’n after 12days of hang’n in 60% RH. Cant wait to test both before I transplant the clones to there flowering pots for a do-over with me push’n them harder just to se which If any can take being maxed-out.

Hope you all have survived the holiday in a good way. Fever all x-mast but finally on my feet again.

Bless-up 🙏🤙💚🌌✂️✂️✂️✂️


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