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Planet of the Grapes × Lilac Diesel

Showing off my 2nd tent grow since finding the DGC podcast and getting geared with some tents in my shed. This is from an Ethos freebie pack, Planet of the Grapes × Lilac Diesel 22. Grown in  15 gal fabric pot 50/50 blend of FFOF and Mother Earth coco perlite and amended with Down to Earth crab meal, langbeinite, rose & garden mix, bio fish, Grow Dots and watered once a week with Recharge till week 5 of bloom, and Mammoth P in bloom. Chilled growcraft 6x wedged in the 2×4 ac infinity tent provided 950 ppf dimmed at 85%, and co2 at 950 ppm.  Today is day 82 since flip and it’s lights out for 24 hours before the chop this weekend.


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