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Putting Grow Dots in my reservoir?

I was curious About putting Grow Dots in my reservoir. I’m using AC Infiniti wicking base with pro mix and perlite. Would it hurt if I put half-and-half of the amount needed part so part in the reservoir or could I feed it through the reservoir? I was thinking about doing half-and-half. Hoping to get your thoughts ty


6 responses to “Putting Grow Dots in my reservoir?”

  1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
    Thundarr the Budbarian

    I’d think they will release too fast and you won’t get the N first, then PK benefit. Also, the outer layer will clog small tubing. I grow with sip water system also. Mix with medium before you plant and you’re good to go.

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” – done in my best Scotty impression.

  2. Hottdog434 Avatar

    Scotty will say no, they are made to work in soil. Grow dots can be top dressed, and if you can work them in a little they should work. Probably need to top water 1 time to get it good an wet.

  3. Soup Avatar

    Theres no reason to put them in the water like you are suggesting, but you could easily incorporate grow dots into your setup tho!

    Put the dots in your promix at the suggested rate, then use the ac infinity bottom watering setup to keep them watered and happy. Keep the red full of plain water and let the dots do their thing. Hit them with a little top water of recharge once a week and you’d have a pretty nice setup that’s also very easy to maintain.

  4. chris morrison Avatar

    I appreciate the advice. Ty dgcGC

  5. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    most definitely not the Gdad are formulated to breakdown overtime in the soil you put them in a reservoir of water, and it all breaks down right away you were going to burn the shit out of those plants

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