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Second Harvest Coming Soon

Hey guys, I just wanted to give y’all a peep at my 2.5×2.5, my second run ever. Second Harvest Coming Soon, Thanks to my DGC! I love you guys. Like an actual Grow Bro Love lol. I think I’m closing in on harvest. I’ve only grown autos so far. I’ve been feeding RX Green Technologies Gran A and B, cal-mag, and silica. I gave them their last feed yesterday to start leaching nutes and salt out of the media. Do you guys flush at the end?


3 responses to “Second Harvest Coming Soon”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Here is some info on flushing out excess salts during the ripening phase.

  2. OkieGrower88 Avatar

    Alright, I appreciate that J Mystro, I’ll dive into it right after work.

  3. Slayer420 Avatar

    Great job! Keep it growin, Gromie 🤘🪴💚

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