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Should My First Autos Be Chunkier At Day 61?

Happy Sunday DGC!

First of all, thank you to everyone. I have learned so many things from this group and of course the the show. This is my first autoflower grow with autopots and Mephisto Genetics. I am am running a HLG Diablo in a 4×5 tent. Strains are Double Smile, and Mango Smile x Ass Monkey. Two of each and they all have significant differences in the pheno expressions. These are pictures at day 61 from sowing the seed directly into the substrate. I am using Ghia Green, Photoplus, and Terps Plus, and I added silica in the reservoir 1/ week. They are filling in but seem a bit behind in weight. I know autos can be tricky so I am curious if these look like they are light or on point for day 61?

I appreciate everyone. I hope to meet some of you next DGC cup. I wanted to take my wife and older kids this year but our schedules won’t allow it. Hopefully there is a last minute miracle with work and we get the chance to make it this year. I really don’t want to wait till 2025. Anyways, thank you in advance.

Growing from Virginia


4 responses to “Should My First Autos Be Chunkier At Day 61?”

  1. NayHay Avatar

    My experience with Mephisto seeds is that the date to maturity is just an average. Lucky for you, yours are going to be “late.” When they take 90-100 days you get good yields. When they finish early they are runts, hardly worth the seed price, not to mention the electricity and other inputs. Keep on feeding and hope that they keep stacking for another three weeks.
    Have fun!

    1. Creature Avatar


      Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it 🙏. They are filling in more since the post but nothing like the great work I see from some of the DGC.

  2. J Mystro Avatar

    They’re healthy but not mature yet. No one can tell you how a seed will perform. You get what you get with autos.

  3. Creature Avatar

    J Mystro,

    Thank you. They seem to be filling in but I guess we will see how well at harvest.

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