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Simple Mistakes with Stupid Outcomes

Hello DGC. It has been an interesting winter. I had so many plans for my grow and none of them seem to go right. I had issues with my new hydro lock watering system, with equipment breaking, with a cold floor causing condensation, and having plants dry back too much because chronic pain made me unable to get to the grow. I’ve been managing and pulling through but now my latest issue was caused by my own stupid human error. I just need to make it through this grow so I can clean and rest. I have do a few dumb things in my 10 years+ of growing. It often just takes a simple mistake to cause issues in the grow. This past weekend I went to water my plants from the reservoir, this was the second watering of the day in coco. as i looked at the nutrient water I noticed the water was a strange yellow green color.

I decided I was not going to used this to water the plants and since there was less then 5 gallons in the res I decided to dump it out into a bucket and clean the res. That is when I learned what had changed the color. as I tipped the res it felt to heavy a second later then was a splash and a thud sound in the bucket as my soaking wet Ryobi impact driver fell into it.

I have done some dumb things but this is a first. I had a pin bend on my pH meter on my Pulse Hub and I had it attached to the wall with screws, and had taken it down to prepare to send it back when the replacement came in. I set the impact driver on to of the split hose AC next to my res. As the AC turns on and off is shakes a little. I didn’t had a lid on the res and It shook off and fell in. (There is a lid on there now) i didn’t have the new pH meter in the res so i didn’t get notified when the pH level changed but the EC didn’t change enough to have the Pulse notify me. I tested the pH of the yellow green water and it was 8.5.

My best guess is that it happened at least the day before, if that is true I watered my plants with it in the Res at least twice. During these waterings there was no discoloration. I have not noticed any issues with my plants but I am wondering if it would have caused any other issues with my plants? what are your thoughts DGC? Should I just keep an eye on my pH levels or are there other issues I should be concerned of, and has anyone else dropped a Drill in a reservoir?…. I bet Scotty has! 😹


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Too bad that wasn’t a Govee monitor. Put mine in the bucket full of bleach water for a couple days while sanitizing plant clips. Took it out dried it out. Fucker works.

  2. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    What a bummer. I don’t think the short term exposure to the Lithium or the material used as a buffer in the battery is toxic to your plants, nothing in the actual screw gun should be problematic. I would do a deep flush or two just to clean out any remaining chemicals from your medium. All heavy metals and chemicals have a minimum allowable exposure rate, usually determined by the government and I doubt the short “swim” for your poor battery and screw gun would cause those levels of exposure. I say that as a former HazMat commander but please do as you feel best/safest.

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