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So much better than pallets! Save your head room for your plant!

Since we lost our last website, I just had to reiterate the importance of headspace over your plants in your greenhouse. The farther away from the ceiling, the better! So I like to save myself a few inches by creating my own little pallets. I don’t have the pictures of me building them because that was last year. But basically, I just threw some one by two down and tacked it together. Then I stapled the bottom of the fabric bag directly to the wood. This being key for keeping beautiful shape. As you can see, we are wasting minimal space. We are up off the ground, and we are keeping our beautiful round shape. Now, as I am cleaning up the greenhouse, I can easily stack them. They’re all going to go into my hundred gallon reservoir with enzymatic soap. Then a little bleach. And I’m ready to fucking go!


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