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Soil pH temp decrease

Would I be correct in stating soil pH will decrease with soil temperature increase?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    The pH of a solution is connected to temperature. As temps increases in a solution, ionization occurs, causing the formation of hydrogen ions. More hydrogen ions lower pH. So yes, the pH drops as temps increase.

  2. Soup Avatar

    No, I don’t think temperature will affect soil ph in the way you are thinking.

    I agree with mystro as far as the ph of a solution (stuff dissolved in water), but I suspect it’s a lot more complicated when you are talking about soil ph.

    Soil pH is buffered by soil chemistry and microbial activity. In soil, nutrients aren’t suspended in a solution (like hydro). The nutrients in soil form chemical bonds through cation exchange and other processes.

    Microbes also play a huge role in soil ph. As microbes break stuff down they excrete acids and other compounds that can change soil ph. Microbes generally have a preferred ph range and they help maintain that ph to keep themselves happy.

    So while temp and ph are directly linked when it comes to a liquid solution, I don’t think this is true for soil. Soil ph is buffered by cation exchange and microbes. This means temperature changes alone are unlikely to have a big effect on ph.

    Soil chemistry and microbes are very effective at buffering pH. This is one of my favorite things about working with living soil. I rarely have to think about pH at all.. I can rely on my soil and my microbes to take care of it for me.

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