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Some deficiency or excess light?

Going into week 9 with a 5×5 with 6 autoflowers from Royal Queen seeds and am noticing leave discoloration. 2 plants 2 different discoloration at first I thought potassium then I thought well this one looks like nitrogen but I was in flower, lol idk for sure, first experience with autoflowers but it’s been pretty chill. I keep temps 77-82f humidity 50-60%. For night temps I add a heater bc when light goes out will keep 70-72 with heater while allowing to also lower humidity down to around 45% at night. If I don’t use the heater at night tent get down to upper 50s low60s and my humidity will sky rocket to like 70% even running my exhaust low speeds and having my intake placed in front of the heater did nothing also really. Anyways let’s get back to topic here 3 plant leaves started from bottom up lighter green with speckles of brown. I thought potassium so did my friend who works as a cultivator at revolution. The leaves continued to get lighter and lighter until yellow and fell. Now I did leave em dry back for about 6 hours and they’re in flower which I heard isn’t great now but i thought I was doing no harm. but thought okay it’s gotta be starving then bc it’s getting underwatered and lacking nutes so at least now I need to be on point of pH water and temp of water I should be able to correct. So far it just continues not spreading to but the leaves that already started just continue where I can pull em off easy. I am also having a plant that yellowing but with brown splotches also dying. One plant it’s been doing this for 2 weeks still hasn’t made it to the top but one that short n stocky it just started 3 days ago and already to top leaves being affected. Kinda thought was wild. I put these seeds directly into soil 12/8/2023 and popped 12/11/23. They’re under a roie720.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    How are they being fed? Are you using liquid nutes or is the soil amended? The issue may be pH related causing some lockout. Too many unknowns to say for sure.

  2. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    I have to agree with the PH thought. I had similar problems and found my soil PH was too high (I believe because my water is high in lime and is building up). The high PH was causing Cal lock out. Dosed soil with sulfur, been using water PH’ed to 6 with Ruby Fluvic added, and supplementing with cal/mag. My problem is much better. Those damaged leaves will not recover.

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