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Speedrun Seeds Auto flowers

What’s growing on DGC? Wanted to post my Auto Flowers I have started growing from Speedrun Seeds. I am an indoor grower in AZ. I grow for me and my Epileptic son who is 26. I have been growing for 4 years now. Started out with a 2×2 with a blurple LED from Amazon. It worked and got my feet wet and started a new passion. Sadly I only have room for a 2×4 tent. Everything is AC Infinity. I bought my set up before they got popular and it works awesome. My first set of light’s failed and they replaced them with an updated version with more wattage. I run 2 of the S22 lights and love them. I also run an oscillating clip on fan, 6” exhaust fan with carbon filter, Cloud T3 for humidity control, their CO2 controller and the pro-Wi-Fi controller to bring it all together. My only complaint is I can control the CO2 remotely as it does not connect to the Pro Controller.

Back to the topic on hand, Auto Flowers. I have decided that I want a perpetual garden and the only way to do that in a 2×4 tent is with Auto Flowers. Before this I was growing feminized seeds from Irie Genetics. Fruit Foot planted 9-23-23 (8 days from seed)


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    Sorry for the bum post, the site would not let me load additional photos kept saying wrong format but they are .jpeg so I don’t know. I will have to post on Discord since I can’t reply with photos either, boo.

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