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Staunton (Virginia) Growers Cup 2023

Greetings DGC,

We had the awards ceremony of the 2nd annual Staunton Growers Cup on 11/11 in downtown Staunton VA.  Thanks to the Tempest Lounge for hosting the event (we could smoke inside) and Virginia Quality Grow Supplies (get your Recharge and Grow Dots there!) for helping the Growers Club with the event.

Our event is a judges kit event where the judges get their samples a month before the event and… well, here let me copy/paste from the official website (

Growers interested in competing for the title of 2023 Staunton Growers Cup Best Bud will purchase a Competitor Pass (Only available between 8/1 and 8/31). Sample buds (1 oz) must be delivered to the collection site by 9/30. 

The samples will be given a blind code and distributed within Judges Kits. Judge seats will be available for purchase 9/1-10/1 (ONLY 26 AVAILABLE!). Kits will be available for pick-up from VQGS on 10/7. Over the following 3 weeks, judges will test the samples and enter feedback using an online form, scoring each sample on structure, appearance, terpene profile, flavor, smoothness of smoke, potency and overall effect. Online scorecards must be submitted by 10/28. 

Scores will be tallied and the winners announced at the Awards Ceremony on 11/11. Cash prizes for top 3 finishers.

I was completely unprepared for this event, and my Cherry Paloma clone was not going to be remotely ready in time.  Not only was I gone for 2 weeks helping my mother (thanks to MrsOgre and our awesome neighbor for watering while I was gone), but the issue was time time time.  I grabbed the Winter Frost (thanks New Millennium Nutes!) and “finished” that poor first CP clone in 8 weeks.  I quick-dried it in 10 days, then had about 7 more days to burp and try to begin a cure before samples were due.  I had round 3 of my Anaphylaxis (Mass Medical Strains) seeds that had been curing a little longer, and some Ethos Strawberry OG Cookies AUTO and had a mini-cup with some friends to determine which 2 of the 3 to enter.

Well, the Cherry Paloma took 7th and the Anaphylaxis took 9th (out of 38 entries).

Watch out 2024, I plan on taking 1st!  Thanks for all the knowledge DGC!


Green Ogre Farms


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