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Supercropping During Flower

Good morning Crew,

Just wondering about supercropping during flower? Does is stress the plant? And if so is it good stress resulting in more THC production or bad stress resulting in Hermies? I’ve read both opinions.

I tend to use LST during veg and usually continue with this method through flower. My last run I had a lot of stretching during flower on a couple strains so I tried some supercropping and was really impressed with the results. Lots more yield and more large colas. I did notice a couple nanners on one of the plants and it got me wondering about stress mid flower . It was grown from feminizes seed so that could be why?

I’m 3 weeks into flower and looking to supercrop my crazy polyploid Inzane and some Freebirds from Dominion. I waited til the plants had stretched a bit last time, and just trying to decide timing this round.

Any feedback on experience with best time for supercropping or methods that were successful?

I am including some shots of my last harvest. Ethos Citral Glue and Inzane in the Membrane. I didn’t get pics of the stem bending but the buds sure came out nice.



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  1. Memes Avatar

    I’ve done it into week 3 with no problems. I would rather not, but sometimes it’s the best way to tame a stretchy plant.

  2. Username Avatar

    I (HIGH) stress my girls out, and haven’t hermed any from doing so.
    However, i have also heard LST can lead to herming in less stable genetics, and/or with newer growers.

    I’d say 3wks into flower is the very latest you’d want to stress your plant, so she has time to recoup.
    Maybe experiment & try it on 1/2 your plants?
    Good luck!!

    (BTW, I saw your post earlier about the Inzane and that stuff looks crazy!)

  3. gwenwen68 Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback, I cropped some but not all. I’m going to see side by side comparison. I also have half the flower room that is fine with just lst so I can compare bud growth to see if and how much it slows down.

  4. NewbieDoobie Avatar

    Super cropping from my understanding is not a “high stress” training. I would wait until after stretch is finished but i think you could pinch and bend without any worries about herming being a direct result.

    At some point it’s too late in the plants life for it to be able to herm. I wonder when that is. 🧐

  5. Grouse Grows Avatar
    Grouse Grows

    Super cropping can be awesome if done at the right times. If not this can lead to many undesirable affects such as lower yields (repairing stems), infection of the stem (open wound) and the one we all love, Hermi (seedy weedy). A break in the stem may cause to much stress for the plant to handle. I would not recommend doing this at least one week before moving to flower.

    Plants have a reproductive defense that guaranties the survival of the species. One of which is to produce male flowers on a female plant. If a cannabis plant is left in flower to long it can and most likely will herm. This is one way that some try to make fem seeds.

    1. Memes Avatar

      That’s always my worry, Grouse, but I’ve used hst during the stretch faze on 6 plants (2 separate runs) and no negative effects that I can see. I like to grow the plants as big as I can since I have the flowering space for 4 plants and it’s been a challenge to keep ‘em off the hps. By harvet day all my worries get set aside for the next grow lol. All good so far!😁

  6. OGPAULIE Avatar

    Don’t you bend and pinch stems during the veg cycle to get knots in the stem to prepare them for heavy weight once they go into flower ?
    I thought supercropping and topping happened after you have 4 or more grow stems then u top, and start supercropping thru out the veg cycle.
    Or am I wrong ?

  7. JustCoolin Avatar

    Super cropping is usually used to control out of control height later in flower or during stretch. Just bent over at a90 with a snap usually. Traditionally topping at the 5th node of a vigorous plant is usually the way to go. Then till you have enough tops to scrog or lst your canopy evenly. Then your like oh shit why is that one bud touching the light so you just lay her over at canopy height so you don’t have to raise the light (supercropping). Stem knuckling in veg creates a super highway to supply more nutrients. Again stressful and might make plant more susceptible to pest issue at the knuckle site.

    1. OGPAULIE Avatar

      Ok cool. So u only top and lst train in the first few weeks of flower ? I would think u would want to do that and defoliate in veg so it’s not all stressed out in flower with that going on.
      I just found this site yesterday, and it’s pretty cool man.

      1. JustCoolin Avatar

        Like u said topping before flipping to flower will reduce stress. Lst low stress training is minimally stressful on plants and not creating any open wounds.

  8. Memes Avatar

    I supercropped a lot this run to tame a stretchy strain and ended up with a shit ton of sidebranching.

    1. gwenwen68 Avatar

      Good side branching? Or lots of stuff you didn’t want? I tend to reduce as much side branching as I can. I usually treat them like suckers on a tomato plant. But I’m usually a little unsure when to stop. I always think I’m taking too much off. But then later I wish I took more.

      1. Memes Avatar

        I mean when the main stem is bent, the side stems grow up towards the light. I guess I meant it encourages the side branching to grow into the light rather than stay slim and short ubder the main cola.

  9. gwenwen68 Avatar

    OGPAULIE, Just coolin said exactly what I do. Only suppercrop during flower. I don’t want to stress too much or slow down growth in veg. I only top once, however I’m thinking about trying some additional topping a little later in veg this run on a couple plants to experiment.

    1. OGPAULIE Avatar

      Ok, I popped some stems already. So I Hope I didn’t ruin anything . They are gunna be moms. I was just trying to get the stems stronger , because they will be flowered out at some time .

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