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Hey DGC question, what do people use to give to their plant if they just need: Magnesium, calcium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus? Besides nutrient companies. Example, Mag… Epsom salt…….


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  1. Blooming Life Avatar

    You can go down this rabbit hole on youtube and find all the answers you are looking for. I wish I could give advice but I am a little picky on what I am ingesting and stick with FoxFarm. Or whatever nutrient company you want. The only benefit I can see is to save a dollar doing it this way and many people have had lots of success. So more power to you. I am looking at $40 for a bottle of nutrients and it does suck spending that money knowing another bottle is right behind it at $30 and another at $23 and so on and on it goes. Though I will say my plants do seem to thank me back with nice big healthy flavor and smoke.

  2. RASUFA Avatar

    Google is your friend on this. You will be able to find organic and non organic amendments for all of this

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Why dose everyone wanna reinvent the wheel?

  4. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I’ve reconsidered, there could be components to something that are readily available, and in abundance in your life. Without looking, you would never know! I love Cal mag in a bottle. But I also like loading up my soil with sulfur pellets and dolomite lime. What knots. I have never felt confident. Enough to rely on my amendments though. So then I still end up using my Cal mag. And when I do it, it’s with outdoor large quantities. So I feel more confident that I’m not going to fuck up some thing. Rock on… Get it? Rock

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