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Tangie Ripper

Chopped at day 63, Tangie Ripper from Irie Genetics.  This was my first run of this strain and I was surprised by the color. Grown in Promix, New Mill nutes, Recharge, 650 watt LED plus UV. Very frosty with a nice citrus smell. This is the third strain I am pheno hunting for the DGC Cup. I hope this is frosty enough for Scotty’s discriminating eye.


2 responses to “Tangie Ripper”

  1. Old Hippy 58 Avatar

    The top picture is my Lemon Jeffery at 7 weeks, the rest are the Tangie Ripper. I guess I shouldn’t post while stoned.

  2. Creature Avatar

    These look great! I am glad you posted both the lemon jeff and the tangie ripper. I am running both next run along with blueberry butcher, and gorilla goat.

    Thank you for sharing

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