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Terp Tea Bloom and Bloom Booster

What up DGC?! Haven’t been happy with my most recent nutrient regimen (Simply Professional), so I have switched over to Roots Organic’s Terp Tea Bloom and Bloom Booster. We run a very short Veg cycle (7-10 days), and with the soil we have been using (Big Rootz) there is no need for Veg nutes as this soil is slap full. So those of you who use RO’s terp teas, what is your feed schedule that you use? Currently I am running a feed day of terp tea bloom with recharge, molasses, and worm castings. A few days later I use Incredible Bulk bloom booster ( 0.1-10-25), two days later just water. Going to be using RO’s terp tea bloom booster instead of Incredible Bulk. My questions for those of you using Terp Teas:

What does your feed schedule look like?

What PPM for the Teas?

Should I pH adjust the tea after brewing, before feeding?

Any tips or things to look out for using these?

Anybody use with Auto Pots?

Appreciate y’all, best community ever! Hopefully somebody is using a regimen similar to mine and has some insight. Thank you to Scotty and Dude for bringing us all together, love it here!


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  1. Jetzpak, the senior dog Avatar
    Jetzpak, the senior dog

    I am confused why do you need answers when your pictures demonstrate an excellent grow. If your harvest and cure matrch up why not just stay right where you are at???

  2. IwannaTalkToSampson Avatar

    I have been using the roots Terp tea line for about 3 years. I just follow the feeding schedule and top dress once a week. Sometimes I combine a few weeks together and top dress as once but the results have always been amazing. Running Terp tea line next to grow dots and the dots are actually looking better than the roots line.

  3. barelyburningburlyburnhardly Avatar

    So they come up and you flip them after 10 days? Wow that is quick… I veg mine forever sometimes…usually to my detriment when they get wayyy too tall but it happens.. Would like to see some pics of the complete plants sometime. Just to give me an idea of what a fast veg like that turns into. I probably vegged mine 2 months but I would cut back and top and do things a bunch of times later than I should have. No idea about your nute s tho.. I

  4. wildhair85 Avatar

    so my last run with living soil in 5gal round plastic pots i was watering/feeding only once a week up until around week 5 of flower. then it was like every 3 days. when i made my food brews (bubble for 24-30 hours depending on my work schedule) i would ph them right before feeding to 6.5ph. also add the recharge right before you feed because they are soil microbes not water dwelling. this new run im working on i will not be adjusting my ph at all due to the efficiency of the microbes stabilizing the ph when they work their magic. last run i checked ph at the beginning of the brew and before watering to adjust, and there was always an acceptable level of balancing out during the brew so im going to really let the microbes do their own thing this run. i am also going to run 7gal rain science bags this go around so i anticipate watering more often.

  5. Jason H Avatar

    what up loadhousefarm i happen two use this for 3 grows but wow your not using the hole system,, some times with growing less is more, but with all that you got going on sounds like it works,, i used roots organic amendments and i struggled with making a decision how two do it.. the tea’s or the top soil amendments just scratching in for the soil medium, i asked the grow store sales clerk about this for an opion or basic info i could turn into my own method,, this is a system you can do both i think the rates are listed on the bag or on the website,, but however you do tea’s is cool he said the reg 24 hour was fine 48 would be better,, but get something two put this in at least a sock even though i bet the microbes rot it after a few use’s… and i used the hole system was perfect i scratched it in finger deep and i had two put it in 2 weeks ahead of time for the plant two get two it it lasted till 2 weeks before i was going two flip then me / i put the other stuff in 2 weeks after for the bud development when the plant bulks up but less the 2 weeks after i did 1/3 cup for a 5 gal the veg & bloom when needed + there was a thing called elemental a 1/4 scoop awwwwww was a awsome system great flavorful bud as well.. i did not fid a reason for the veg tea it was expensive and since i seedlings i dont feed them till like 3 weeks did not think it was nessesay. right on bro way two grow cant wait two see some pic’s

  6. Jason H Avatar

    i did 1/3 cup about 3 weeks before i was going two flip two 12/12 bloom 1/3 cup and then 2 weeks after bloom i did the bloom tea and the elemental 1/4 i got spelled cheeked or something lol..but ph in a tea brotha respectfully i never worried about it till the wheels fall off right

  7. Cos_genx Avatar

    The day I invested in 30 gals and blumats instead of bags of so called organic fertilizers. My grow game changed. Not knocking your style. Clearly it’s fire and working. But if you’re looking to ease your grow get a bigger soil volume and let it rip. Especially doing a short veg. You could 💯 get to flower in a fifteen gallon pot and a bag and half of good soil. Just use the terp teas as recommended. Roots organically has an entire series on YouTube about using their nutes. Check the labels and prices though. Bc green gro pride lands line has a lot more to offer and a much wider variety and diversity of microbes and inputs. Happy growing keep up the dank!!!

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