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Terps evaporating during grow

Books like Mr Grow It suggest temps of 75f to 85f during weeks 1-3 of flower then 65f -80f during weeks 4+. Should temps not be kept at 60-65f during the whole flower cycle? If terps evaporate during the dry/cure with higher temps then surely they can do the same while growing. Logically temps should be 60-65f during all of the flower cycle right?

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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Low temps would be ideal if we were just growing trichomes, but we’re growing plants with trichomes. Plants need ideal temps for ideal growth. Plants don’t like it cold. Terps are always going to volatize. It’s what you smell every time you go in a grow room or drying room.

  2. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

    If you’re gonna grow a plant, learn how plants grow.

  3. PacNW Dan Avatar

    I’m skeptical of the “terps evaporating” mantra. You NEED the heat just to grow the plant. No sense worrying about 1% of your terps offgassing at 80F and solving it by cutting off 40% of your plant growth and yield by running the grow too cool. Better to run your plants in their intended range (generally 75-83ish) and evaporate 1% of your terps as you’ll still be way better off in the end.

  4. Soup Avatar

    During the grow your plant is constantly producing new terps, so any lost to evaporation can be replaced. Once the plant has been harvested its metabolism slows to a halt, so dropping temps to help preserve terps becomes a lot more important.

    Running 60-65 degrees during the whole grow will slow plants down and negatively effect yield. This is especially true in early to mid flower when the plant is still stretching and stacking bud sites. Theres also not really much “terps” to worry about in early flower anyway, so you’re better off focusing on plant health and yield for the first month of bloom.

    Once you reach the second month of flower your plants are more focused on growing trichs than biomass, so dropping the temps makes a lot more sense. Reducing temps in late flower can bring out color and possibly some flavor, but it can also still hurt yield if you take it too far.

    All of this stuff regarding temps is also very “strain dependent”. Some genetics benefit more than others and some plants can lose a lot of yield if you drop temps too much or too early. It usually takes some practice and experience with your specific strain to really dial it in and get the best results.

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