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Tight fan work, Dude!

What’s up DGC?

These ac infinity fans are great. Three speeds low, medium, and high. I’m high. Sold as a set of two that are wired together or single. I use two sets of two, that daisy chain together. So one plug in, 4 fans. Placed in all 4 corners of a 3×3 tent. They are set on top of artichoke holders. Always check out the cookware section for that dual purpose stuff.

HaPpY growin DGC!


2 responses to “Tight fan work, Dude!”

  1. Thomas Dereszynski Avatar

    Great idea for kickin up that co2 man!

    1. SkyHighRoots Avatar

      Yeah man! Also kinda cool any dead fungus gnats end up under the fans.. easy clean up.

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