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Truth behind 11/13 in late flower?

What going on DGC? Last grow I ran some White O.G. (unknown breeder) and Slurricane #7 from In House Genetics. I ran them both to 11 weeks which was a bit too late. I also started an 11/13 light to dark cycle at around week 7 of flower. I was trying to mimic nature without reading about what it was really doing. I did love my results though! The colors and phenotype expressions were amazing. The White O.G. was especially terpy! The Slurricane unfortunately lost its aroma at about 3 days into drying, and I’m pretty sure it started dissipating prior to harvest. She either went to late or she dried too fast. Probably a combination.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on this subject of 11/13 and it’s kind of giving me some clues to how and why my grow turned out the way it did last year. There were definitely some pros and cons from how I implemented the light change

This go around I’m running all the same strain, Gorilla Zkittlez from Barney’s Farm. I’m at the point in flower where I’m weaning them down from nutrients. I’m starting week 8 (day 50) and they are a 56-63 day strain. My plants are much healthier this time around and I really want to bring out those colors and traits again.

At this point in the game I’m not worried about losing bud mass. I’m more concerned with taste and quality. Is now the time to experiment again? I mean… I think I’m going to do it regardless lol. I would just love to know what the DGC peeps got on the subject.

P.S. Featured image: Slurricane

1st and 2nd pic: White O.G.

4th pic: Gorilla Zkittlez


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  1. Chad.Westport Avatar

    Great looking ladies.

    The one person I’ve heard talk about the 11/13 most, is DJ Short. He’s a guy who knows a thing or two about plants. I’ve seen him get slighted on panels for this thought, but sometimes, haters gonna hate. His thought is that this brings out unique phenotypic expressions that you wouldn’t get on the regular 12/12 cycle. He does admit that he was working primarily with equatorial strains, but this result may be strain dependent.

    Which I truly think it is, strain dependent. It’s great when you have the same clone running in two tents at the same time, getting the same feed and environmental conditions. And then repeat this at least 3-5 times, which easily takes up to a year to do. The old A&B test is a great way to compare methods but just one test round doesn’t equal a conclusive result. It needs to be repeated, many many times. But this would take us years and we couldn’t change anything else in the meantime because that could skew the results. Because of all that and the time it takes, do what makes you feel good 🙂

    What are some the pros and cons you discovered while reading about it?

    1. boogie Avatar

      I wouldn’t trust DJ’s input for anything. He’s breeding the absolute worst genetics and calling it “Bluberry F5” He had his day and is laughing all the way to the back with the bunk genetics that he’s putting out today.

  2. New Leaf Ericson Avatar

    Thanks for the time put into your reply. I did a little more reading, because there’s not a lot anecdotal evidence. There’s mostly just a consensus from A&B tests like you mentioned.

    I noticed a trend. This was being done to mostly hybrids, and more sativa dominant strains, in order to bring out those sativa phenotype expressions (again, you already mentioned). A lot of people seem to claim it does cause the plant to suntan more, like how it would with intensified light towards the end of flower. Also increased foxtailing is something to watch out for in sativa dominant strains. It seems it’s also not recommended to run this cycle for long periods of time. All cool stuff in my book.

    Needless to say I opted out of this experiment, given my strain. It’s nice when a little investigative research saves the day. This is only my second grow and it’s going great so’ll play it safe this round with 12/12.

    I still want to experiment with this again. I’m still curious if this is strain dependent.

    1. Chad.Westport Avatar

      A lot of what you mention is kind of what I have heard as anecdotal offerings as well. I like the experimental mindset, thats how we grow and improve and check things off the list of things to try. I think you are correct in thinking this would be most effective with sativa dominant varieties. That was something DJ Short had mentioned.

      In the beginning, I usually recommend just to keep things simple. Get a feel for how the plant grows, wants to grow and then get experimental with it once you have a good baseline result to judge any future experiments against. Enjoy the journey!

  3. 32 Finish Avatar
    32 Finish

    great post/info. thanks to both of you, Chad and Leaf! something i’ve always been curious about and a interesting read.

  4. RASUFA Avatar

    That is a sight to see. Very nice work! Beautiful flowers.

  5. New Leaf Ericson Avatar

    Thansk RASUFA.

    ENVIRONMENT, ENVIRONMENT, ENVIRONMENT! Not to get off subject, but I believe environment is #1, light #2. I’ve found without the correct environment you can’t get the most efficiency out of your light. Regardless of how strong it is. Yes light is the driving source. However, when I started looking at environment as a whole, it really started to paint a picture. The 9 cardinal parameters are the limiting factors: Temperature, Humidity, Wind, CO2, Root Zone Temp, Water, Nutrients, Oxygen, and Light. Once I started thinking in these terms and appling them….💡💡💡🤯 my mind was blown and I had that ah haaa moment! So did my plants lol. Things just started making sense more and more.

    Thank you so much DGC! This grow has definitely been a journey. Everything I’ve learned is due to the DGC. This community has given me the ambition to learn more, read more, and share it right back with you guys.

  6. New Leaf Ericson Avatar

    And Chad.Wesport…your the man. It’s been a pleasure grow talking with you.

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