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Virginia vacation

Hey DGC I currently live in Germany and am traveling to Virginia to visit my family. I am a disabled and retired vet and can’t bring my home grown meds with me. Do I need to drive to Maryland to get a vape pen to hold me over while I am there or can I order online and have it waiting for me? Thanks for the help and hopefully on April 1 Germany will allow home grow. Grow in peace


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Are you on Discord? Are you going to Richmond? And do you enjoy having it delivered directly to your hotel? Get a hold of me.

  2. Smoke dog Avatar

    I am not on discord at this time. I will be staying with family in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have no problem with it being sent to their house. This is the first time back in America since 2015. Trying to figure this all out beforehand. Thanks for any help or ideas that you have.

  3. Hottdog434 Avatar

    I’m in Southside VA and rec sales are not available yet. You could get a VA med card but that’s a lot to spend just for a vacation. Probably your best bet is to drive to DC. Sunnyinbectopia and I are patrion members of the DGC and she may be near Richmond. Patrion membership gets you access to the discord for the DGC

    1. Smoke dog Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up hottdog434. I am planning to hit DC and maybe Baltimore for the kids to do some site seeing. Do you have any recommendations on shops there. Last time in the states was in 2015.

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