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Wanting to flip my light schedule in flower

I am wanting to switch my flower tent lights from 10 AM – 10 PM to 10 PM – 10 AM. Both my flower tents are off during the night and I was hoping for some input on how to switch my cycle without causing too much stress causing it to herm? I’m in the fifth week of flower and my other plant is ready to go in the flower, but I really want to switch to nighttime lights on to combat the hotter temperatures.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Go ahead and flip the light schedule giving them an extra long dark period and they’ll be fine.

  2. PacNW Dan Avatar

    In flower, any time you change your timers always bias toward adding hours to the dark period in flower.

    As long as the plant gets 12+ continual hours of darkness (more doesn’t matter for one cycle) nothing will happen. You’ll lose approximately 12 hours of (photosynthesis) yield growth but that’s going to be negligible on the whole.

  3. Sticky_icky024 Avatar

    Appreciate the advice. It’s always great having some advice from others. Thank you very much DGC.

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      Glad to help. One morning when the lights are set to come on, make sure they don’t turn on and set the time to come on that night at 10 pm. The extra long dark period will save ya a bit on cooling that day with the lights off as well. The a/c won’t run very hard so make sure your dehumidifier is dialed in.

  4. Sticky_icky024 Avatar

    Ty very much for the advice and knowledge

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