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week 8 flower, dried up fans and trichome development

Short time listener first time poster. Wrapping up week 8 of flower for my 2nd ever grow. 2 of my plants were stretched a day past their normal water schedule and the fan leaves all dried up. The buds still look healthy and are dense but still no signs of amber trichomes. Breeder says these plants (blueberry headband & Tangie Dos, sativa) are 9-11 week flower time. My question is will the trichomes still develop since the fans are all dried up and appear dead or should I consider harvesting early? The plants are still drinking water but def not as fast as before. I normally water every other day and should have today but soil is still a little damp.


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  1. 32 Finish Avatar
    32 Finish

    curious to hear what more experienced growers have to say about this. this is just my own opinion / how i would probably react. but i would surely defer to others on this one…

    hope it turns out OK for you. that last pic looks pretty frosted out. . very nice. hopefully you’ll still get a buncha great bud from this harvest! if it were me, personally, i would be trying to figure out and ID whether or not, 100%, that the fans died off SOLELY because of a watering issue…. to me, it seems like stretching a plant 1 day past its normal watering day, should not cause THIS drastic of an effect. . but, more detail would be helpful.

    again, really want others to chime in of course, but that just seems a bit extreme to me. i would just want to make sure there was no other issue underlying that could jeopardize the harvest, and that also ties in w/ your question of whether to harvest early or not. also, it’s a big difference whether these ladies are 11 wk finishes or 9 wk finishes (at least, in your shoes especially!)

    i definitely wouldn’t push em or do anything crazy, maybe dial your lights back slightly (if possible) and i’m not really sure beyond that. this would massively effect their ability to transpire and photosynthesize but as far as the implications on whether you should harvest early… i wouldnt jump the gun on that just yet. what’s the actual percentage of Clear-Cloudy-Amber? etc etc

    i probably i would be frantically checking on them every 20 mins .. lol. 😀 but yeah man, really hope it turns out well for ya. some beautiful colors in there & really digging the strains. good luck

  2. PuddlePirate Avatar

    I had something similar to this, it was caused by bad ph level and then overwatering. After overwatering, I let the soil get dry (way too dry) and started to water again.
    IT WAS A DISASTER! 🤣🤣 I learned a good lesson from that day.

    I pulled the flowers down and If I was you, I would try to push a little bit but with Cannabis Stress during flower cycle increases your chance of possible further issues.

    I would smoking that dank looking bud. Keep growing, I learn from every time I finish a cycle.


      I’ve done the same lol. soon as i felt dry top soil I was blasting away with water. lessons learned. Ph was also an issue..

  3. RASUFA Avatar

    It is nice when a breeder gives you a timeline but plants don’t follow anyone’s schedule. Your best bet is a good old jeweler’s loupe or microscope and watch that triche development. Wait for some amber to show on the trichomes that are on the flower and not the sugar leaves and chop it down. Either way it sounds like you should start flushing if you haven’t already! Enjoy those dank nugs!!

  4. JustCoolin Avatar

    Possible to much salt buildup in soil. Especially when you let it dry out the nutrient concentration were higher and burnt the plant and its possible to even “suck” water from the plant.

  5. SunnyinBectopia Avatar

    Been here done this and you are lucky it is late and they are ready or close. Milky is the way I like my trics. If you at least got that….

  6. Chad.Westport Avatar

    You should try and finish it out. You say it is still drinking, so we know that there is uptake and “life” within the plant.

    The leaves look like Ph was rapidly out of wack, but another, more likely scenario would be the EC levels of your soil spiking from the extra dry back. If you are using salt nutrients, they stay suspended in liquid form and in a moist root zone as well. But when the root zone gets dry, these salts can crystalize or form accumulations and then when you water next, they dissolve releasing a super charge of nutrients.

    There is a feeding method that harnesses this called “dry back”. But EC measures the “electrical conductivity” of the soil, which is based off of nutrient concentration. When EC spikes, your plant will hit problems and usually display burned leaves like this in extreme cases.

    Your other leaves do look like they are starting t go through the fading phase, where the majority of the nutrients in the soil and plant have been exhausted. Overall, you should be able to finish up.

    1. Chad.Westport Avatar

      oh, and yes, your trichomes should continue to mature, so watch those for your signal to harvest.

    2. RASUFA Avatar

      Solid knowledge. I’m gonna tap some of it. Thanks Chad.

  7. Avatar

    Thanks all! I haven’t cut em down yet. Turned light down a little and gonna keep monitoring the trichomes. I’ll post any updates I have.

  8. budzbydubbz Avatar

    Harvest update:

    So the plants were looking worse and worse so I ended up harvesting after 9 weeks of flower. While wet trimming I started to notice some signs of white dust on sugar leaves close to the bud. Cut a few buds open and mold galore. Ended up trashing my entire harvest.

    Thinking back on what I did wrong it’s starting to make sense. During week 1 of flower I had to make an emergency trip to Michigan for my grandfathers funeral. My grow buddy (also new to growing) was gonna come by every couple days to water/feed/check on plants. When I returned home I noticed a few spots of Powdery Mildew in some fan leaves. I plucked those off and sprayed plants with green cleaner. I also noticed what looked like dried up water stains on tent floor. My guess is the plants were over watered and overfilled the saucer causing the humidity in my tent to surge and then day/night, light/darkness temps were prime conditions for mold. And mold that early into flower (week 1-2) is disastrous.

    Being this my second grow ever, I suppose you have to fail to succeed. Anybody got any spare flower in the meantime lol.

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