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Wettable sulfur best practices

What’s up DGC! I’d like to start using wettable sulfur as an IPM. I’ve seen a lot of great growers swear by it. My question is, what concentration are you using? Frequency? I assume spray at lights out? Can I spray into the first few days of flower?  Thanks for any info!


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  1. Killzone Avatar

    I usually use it at 2 tablespoons per gallon in rotation with other things except oil sprays.
    In veg only because it stays on the plant for a while
    I always spray with lights off but not sure if it’s necessary.

    1. StonedTroutBum Avatar

      Thanks for the reply, any wetting agent?

  2. Chad.Westport Avatar

    Get use to the smell, because it will linger. I know Sunnyinbectopia has some experience with using spray applications of sulphur. Hopefully she’ll chime in here.

  3. Jimindica Avatar

    I use it in veg, and I think most pests hate it as well. Every once in a while I’ll spot a die-hard gnat trying to live with it being around but most of them have left the state! You wouldn’t want to use it during flower because it makes weed taste like shit and concentrates would require extra steps to get rid of the sulfur (using copper).

  4. DTOM420 Avatar

    I think I’d discourage you from using sulphur as an IPM product. As has been said, using it in flower will seriously degrade your flower and any concentrates you might want to make. It would not be permitted during flower in a regulated facility. Maybe during veg but, given the plethora of good choices of IPM products today, I don’t know why anyone would choose sulphur today. I would urge you to start following Suzanne Wainwright (@bugladysuzzane on IG) and reach out to her about sulfur and your other choices/options. She is widely regarded in the greenhouse growing community (ornamentals to veggies to cannabis) in North America (and much of the world) as one of the preeminent entomologists anywhere specializing in IPM. FWIW, she’s been a guest on the DGC before; and I WISH the guys would make her a regular guest because she could provide the best possible advice to members on IPM. She’s super cannabis friendly and she’s always willing to help people that ask – it’s how we became friends. Shoot her a DM on IG. I’m 99.999% sure she’ll recommend Suffoil-X or some other emulsified oil product and, most importantly, the proper application equipment to apply it. With something like Suffoil-X you can use it throughout veg and most of flower without tainting your product because the emulsified oil degrades under light, preventing residue and buildup. Also, they don’t burn leaves like sulphur can, when applied properly. Also, insects need their life cycle broken which means multiple applications and specific (to the insect at hand) application intervals are usually shorter than would be recommended with sulphur. I’m almost positive that she’ll tell you sulphur is not a great idea and that she’ll probably suggest incorporating biological controls into your IPM program.

    One thing I’ve learned is that… now that we’re out of the closet (so to speak) and have access to science and scientists with decades of indoor growing experience, we are better off taking their advice. Particularly now that they have had 10+ years of cannabis experience. 33 years ago, when I grew my first plant, all there was was bro science and advice from other, more experienced growers. Their advise was helpful but not always correct. Even today, there are reputable growers still employing old strategies but who’s success (with them) may be due to luck, minimal pest pressure or other mitigating factors that we don’t realize. So, if there’s science out there, I’m sticking with the actual science rather than the bro science, every time. The other advantage of using the knowledge/science gained from growers of products with profit margins determined by PENNIES is that we don’t blow huge amounts of money on ‘cannabis specific’ products which are all hype. Cannabis isn’t special – it grows like all other plants but we (as a community) have gotten suckered into all these products that are supposed to be specially designed for cannabis. This falsehood has made a few companies rich when there were products much cheaper and much better out there. The nuances of a smoked product, which is the only relatively unique aspect to cannabis, are well known and understood by agricultural science today. So, the smart move is utilizing the products out there that provide the most efficacy for the lowest prices, imo. Just some food for thought.

    If you want to discuss it further or want her contact info, shoot me a dm on Instagram. Hope this helps ya brother – I always appreciate the help and inspiration you provide folks here on DGC!! 🙏🙏

    – @dtom420

  5. SOUP Avatar

    Wetable sulfur is very effective against small mites like broad and russets. It works great if you know you have a mite problem or as a preventative in veg. I don’t recommend using it during flower.

    Another super important thing to know… never mix sulfur with oil based products. Sulfur + oil = you just burned your plants. Make sure you wait a good week or more after using sulfur before applying any oil based products.

    In my opinion, sulfur is best used for two purposes:

    1) use it in veg when you have mites or are concerned about getting mites

    2) use it as a clone dip. Dipping clones and putting them through a 2 week quarantine before you bring them into your grow will go a long way towards preventing mite issues in your garden.

    1. StonedTroutBum Avatar

      Thanks soup, still in veg, I especially like the dip for clones recommendation.

      1. Gordie Lachance Avatar
        Gordie Lachance

        STB, let us know if you find any info about using it with a wetting agent. I’ll ask Spartan I know he really believes in the stuff but I think he uses it mostly on cuts as a Soup suggests above. I’ll let you know if he says any different.

        1. StonedTroutBum Avatar

          I looked up some of his vids on Mibros, seems like he uses a bonide product with a wetting agent already included, thanks!!

    2. Gordie Lachance Avatar
      Gordie Lachance

      On point as always Soup🤙🏻🤙🏻💯🤙🏻🤙🏻

    3. Stev3 Avatar

      Not sure if you’re going to see this @SOUP Currently dealing with them now…how often would you spray sulfur and how much per gal? Also have a sulfur burner if needed.

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